Sunday, 13 March 2016

Logan's Makin' Vids - Tutorial for Windows

Logan’s makin Vids

I’ve been wanting to make gaming videos! And I finally found out how. :)

  1. How to record! First I opened the windows game bar with windows key + G! Then the game bar opened and I clicked record. It works awesomely and I made a video with it

2. How to record your voice! First dad gave me a headset with a microphone on it! First we tried windows voice recorder it didn’t work that well. So I downloaded Audacity it works awesomely with my headset!

3. How to merge them together! So I wanted the sound and the video to be in the same thing. So dad went on google and found Windows Movie Maker! We wanted to use that so we downloaded it. It was a stupid download cause we had to download a ton of stuff. But it works so it’s worth it. To merge them together go to record sound and click down and click add sound go to your sound and click and add it to yours and save it then your done!Have fun with your video!

Written by Logan - March 13, 2016

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