Sunday, 15 November 2015

Tooth Fairy Pillow #2

Several years ago I made a tooth fairy pillow for Logan.

Now it's Lane's turn. She insists that she has wiggly teeth. And they could possibly be wiggly... but I think at this point it's more in her head. She has such a strong personality that she might actually will those teeth out of her mouth. She really really really wants the tooth fairy to pay her a visit. She wants so much to be like her big brother.

So I decided it was time even if those teeth weren't coming out any time soon. Well... maybe Lane decided it was time. She needed a tooth fairy pillow so that she would be ready.

It's made in a similar style to Logan's. A pocket on the front for the tooth. And a large pocket on the back to house the sweet sweet money that the tooth fairy leaves behind (and maybe a note).

I like that the pillow can be hung on Lane's doorknob. You know... so the tooth fairy doesn't disturb her when she sleeps. ;)

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