Monday, 9 November 2015

Iron Craft 22: Fall is Falling

This week's challenge:

"We have had a glorious fall here in Minnesota and, even though snow is predicted for today, I’m not ready to stop celebrating it. For this challenge make something inspired by fall. You can use the fruits of fall, gourds, leaves, dried flowers and seeds; the colors of fall, red, browns, yellows and oranges; or maybe the scents of fall, bonfires, cinnamon and apples."

This week I was looking outside at our tree int he front yard and marveled a bit at all the birds that are attracted to it. The tree is bare now because all the leaves had fallen in the past few weeks. All that is left on it are the berries. The birds love these berries. They aren't so interested in our tree when it has it's red leaves on it in the summer. But they flock to it in autumn and winter.

Thee tough birds that don't migrate south and decide to stick it out in Winnipeg in the winter are what remind me that autumn is upon us. They feed off of those berries all fall and winter.

So here is my autumn bird project:

Meet Stevie the autumn bird. I made her on the prettiest autumn colours I could find (including orange which is my very favourite colour). I bet she would love to hang out on our tree and eat those berries all day long much to the chagrin of our cat who watches them from inside and plots about the day she might escape and catch those birdies!

What reminds you of autumn? Is is the cinnamon and apples? is it the leaves falling? Is it that crisp feel in the air?

To see the fall is falling projects from all the Iron Crafters, check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

Fall is all about the light for me, the way the sun looks when it is starting to get lower in the sky and hits the colored leaves. Little Stevie is just darling.