Monday, 26 October 2015

Iron Craft #21: None More Black

This week's challenge:

"Let’s have a color challenge and since we are still in the heart of Halloween season let’s make that color Black. Create a project in which the main color is black. (It does not need to be a Halloween project)." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough).

I thought that I was going to have to take another pass on this one because I have been so busy with Halloween costumes. But then I made Terry's costume:

 A big black satin (with red lining) cape for his Dracula costume.

Or is it for a Darth Vader costume? Doesn't matter

The main thing is that it's black and it fits the challenge. WOO!

And I sewed a pile of black and red satin, which is a serious challenge in my books. Gah, that stuff is so slippery. But I did a decent enough job and am proud to say that all the Halloween costumes for this year are done! :)

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Making of the Mukluks Part One

What?!!! I'm actually writing a blog post?!!! A blog post that isn't Iron Craft?!!!

I know! Weird eh?

I just got myself a new toy - a laptop! :)

Check it out! Hmmmm..... well.... you can have a good look at my fingernail in the way of the camera as well. Sheesh. Anyhoo... Lane thinks I bought this laptop for her to play Bubble Santa in front of the TV. But I actually bought it to catch up on this blog among other things

So let me tell you about a class I've been taking to learn how to make mukluks from scratch. It's been such an awesome experience so far. The teacher has let us all pick out anything we wanted to make these boots. The leather colour, the fur colour, the bead colour, the weld colour, everything! She will even accommodate feathers or animal print. Crazy.

We've been working on beading. I have never beaded like this before and I'm loving it. I decided to put a little bit of my personality into my boots. So the toes will have a crochet hook with a yarn ball and knitting needles with a yarn ball.

I know that I don't know how to knit, but I thought that more people would connect all yarn arts with knitting more than crochet. 

For the uppers I'm adding my passion for sewing. I was sick today so I sat on the couch and beaded. Phew! It takes a lot of work to bead the picture that I want. As you can see from the photo below, it's turning out successful.

Right now I only have half of one of the uppers done. The thread and needle will be mirrored on the other side. This is the part that goes around my calf. I think the effect of the spool and the needle and thread will look cool going around my leg.

I'll  keep you updated on the progress. I am so excited for how these will turn out. I'm also debating whether or not I should make a pair for the kids and Terry as well. What do you think? Should I give it a try? The person teaching the class provides kits with the correct sized patterns traced on the pieces and the correct thread, needles and lacing, fur, leather, lining and rubber soles so it takes the guess work out of doing it myself while I'm just learning. Gotta love that!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Iron Craft #20: Monsters and Mummies and Ghouls Oh My!

This week's challenge:

"October is creeping up on us and that means it’s time to get creepy! So, get your Halloween on for this challenge. You can do decor, a costume or even a treat." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

All I have to say is thank goodness it was Thanksgiving long weekend up here in Canada this past weekend. It gave me plenty of time to get started on the kids costumes.

I must have skimmed the description of this challenge a little too quickly because I had it in my head that the challenge wanted something creepy and not just Halloween.

Anyhoo, I started with the creepier of the kids' costumes because of this reason when I really didn't have to. And then the costume turned out more adorable than creepy so it was all for not.

As you have probably already read several times on either my Facebook or this blog, my son is obsessed with Minecraft. Isn't everyone's kid?

So he decided that he was going to be a Minecraft Creeper for Halloween. Cool! But here's the catch - he refuses to wear a box on his head or have any sort of stiffeners in his costume. Gah! How on earth will I pull off a blocky costume without any stiffeners? Logan even pointed out that I can't cover cardboard with fabric to get the effect either. Only soft and comfortable. EEPS!

So I began with the fleecy pants.

Oh and did I mention that he didn't want me to patchwork the colours on this costume to get the effect of the Minecraft blockiness? I barely convinced him to let me do the knee patches with a few blocks. Logan is a very practical boy. Last year with his Ash Ketchum costume I had to make him a coat that he could really wear after Halloween (in fact, he still wears that coat almost every day). So I'm guessing this is the case again this year. He wants something that he can wear as regular clothes after Halloween. Although I think these pants might be defined as pajama pants after trick or treating is over.

Then I moved onto the hoodie....

Again, I added the patchwork blocks at the elbows for effect. Logan can wear this hoodie as a regular hoodie so he was very pleased about that.

The design of the blocky head was plaguing me so I decided to put the only cardboard I was allowed into a candy catcher. 

Creepers are known for blowing themselves (and sometimes you) up. So a TNT block (candy bag) was the perfect thing. It's amazing what you can make with empty toilet paper rolls, paint, and a hot glue gun isn't it?

Then came the Creeper head. What to do? What to do? This is what i eventually came up with.

 A semi-blocky fleece Creeper hat. Logan is pleased, although he wouldn't stop playing video games long enough to model it after i made it. Sheesh.

And here is the entire costume in full effect:

What was meant to be Creeper Creepy, ended up being Creeper adorable! But don't tell Logan that... I think he thinks he's going to be the creepiest Creeper of them all this Halloween.

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