Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lane's Birthday Party 2015

Here are a few scenes from Lane's birthday party this year. We had her party early as usual because it's impossible to get a hold of her friends in August when he real birthday is.

We convinced her somehow to have her birthday party at our house instead of shelling out a ton of dough to have a birthday party elsewhere. I'm torn between whether that was a good idea or not.

It rained. And most of our plans were outdoors. And it wasn't just a little rain. It was full out thunder and lightening and pouring drenching wet. :(

We moved most of the party indoors and were able to sneak outside in between downpours to smack around a pinata and throw a few water balloons.

Might just have been easier to pay the moola to have the party elsewhere. A bunch of hot, sweaty little kids in a house with no air conditioning didn't exactly make for a pleasurable time for the adults. The kids didn't seem to notice luckily and Lane said she had a great time.

Terry braved the weather and bar-b-qued hotdogs for the kids. They sat on a picnic blanket in the living room to enjoy their lunch.

It stopped raining just enough to smash the guitar shaped pinata. We filled it with candy from the Bulk Barn. A friend suggested that we divide the candy into separate bags so that everyone would end up with the same amount of candy and the candy wouldn't end up in the muck and grass. That was a fantastic idea!

Then the kids all threw water balloons at the target. It wasn't nice enough to have them throw the water balloons at each other.

Instead of throw the rings around the bottles outside, we had to do it inside. Not much room but still fun!

We also had to do the Pin The Candle on the Birthday Cake game inside. The kids did a pretty decent job.

Barbie Cake!

Lane blew out the candles.

And opened presents while it was pouring outside.

Then some of the girls got to watching Katy Perry and Taylor Swift videos on TV and enjoying some snacks. The other kids played toys and had pretend sword fights with Terry in the basement while the parents were coming to pick them up.

When all was said and done, there wasn't much mess to clean up, but our house was a hot hot hot 29 degrees C. Yowsa! So when Logan came back from the birthday party that he went to, we all went to Mongos Grill to cool off in their air conditioning and enjoy some noodles.

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