Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Iron Craft #13: Words, Words, Words

This week's challenge:

"Oh, it’s the halfway point for Iron Craft ’15. Wow, time has gone by fast this year. Let’s take a little break and have an easy challenge. Create a project that uses text in it. This one should be a snap for all of you creative Iron Crafters." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Somehow - when someone says it's going to be a snap, that's when I get all freaked out and can't think of anything.

Thankfully, inspiration hit when we went on a road trip to the International Peace Gardens. The garden is on the border between Manitoba, Canada and North Dakota, USA. It was a beautiful day and a fantastic destination.

When we were coming home, we had to go through the border. That's when I realized that I haven't anything pretty to hold our passports.

That needed to be fixed ASAP.

So I made this:

It's my new "Let's Go!" passport holder. (Although, I thought it sounded better en Francais).

It holds all of our passports snug and snaps up nicely.

Incidentally, I was showing my new creation off to a Dr. Who fan and apparently the phrase Allons-y (Let's Go!) has some sort of significance - purely unintentional, but kinda funny. Everything seems to relate to that show somehow.

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kat said...

A great idea for a family & the person who is in charge of everyone's passports!