Saturday, 27 June 2015

Team LT Does the Red River Ex 2015

Some photos from the Red River Exhibition this year:

What?! We're just at the beginning and the kids already want foot massages? Hehehe.

Lane was a big girl this year and got up and down off the horsey all by herself.

Will he do it? To tell the truth I didn't think Logan would go through with jumping off a platform onto a big cushion. The age restriction was 8, so I thought that he might be a little young for it and my mommy brain was so worried.

HE DID IT!!! He was so proud of himself for conquering this adventure.  He couldn't wait to go to school and tell all his friends and classmates that he conquered The Big Jump.

We bought a cheap 12 ride pass and the kids went on several rides by themselves. It was awesome! Here they are on the roller coaster.

On the race cars.

Lane went on the kite flyers by herself.

Terry took the kids on the very wet water log ride.

Bumper cars. Logan is finally big enough to reach the pedals and steer (although barely).

Terry took Lane on the bumper cars.


Then we watched the stunt dogs. They even jumped into a big pool which was highly entertaining to a certain little girl who is obsessed with puppies.

Of course we looked at the farm display.

And played some games and won some prizes. Logan has a Minecraft sword and Lane has a pink horsey.

Something new this year was a fun hand washing station. The kids had a great time at Sudsy's. And they were washing their hands, so I didn't argue.

I don't know if I'd be comfortable washing my hands with donkey spit. But who am I to judge?

A great time was had by all!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Iron Craft #12: I'm Your No. 1 Fan!

This week's challenge:

"We all have things we are fans of, those things we are just a little bit more into than the average person. I belong to a few fandoms, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Avengers. I’m an adult fan of Lego. (Yes, I am a little bit nerdy.) You can also be a fan of a designer, musical theater, an author, or a sports team. So for this challenge, let you fan flag flag and create a project inspired by one of your fandoms." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

This was a tough one for me actually.

I am a fan of lots of things, but I couldn't figure out how to translate that fandom into a project.

So I perused my favourites on Ravelry and found quite a few things that were inspired by things that I am a fan of.

I chose Simon's Cat.

If you don't know Simon's Cat - it's a cartoon about a very hungry cat who basically gets into all sorts of mischief like cats tend to do while trying to get his owner (Simon) to feed him. The cartoon is super popular on Youtube and provides all sorts of entertainment for me and the kids.

Here is one of my favourites:

I love that silly cat!

So I made him.

I can almost hear him meowing and pointing to this mouth implying the he needs food right now. hehehehe

Here is a link to the my Simon's Cat project on Ravelry.

To see all of the creations inspired by fandom, check out the Flickr Group.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Patchwork Peasant Top

Big changes are afoot in the Team LT household!

Lane is finishing up her year of Kindergarten. In September she'll be a big grade one girl.

That means that she'll be going to school all day. That also means that I will have a whole day to fill without the kids around.

Hmm... so I guess it's time to go back to work. The double income will for surely come in handy. All I gotta do is get rid of this severe anxiety I have over going back to work and I'll be fine?! ..... I hope...


I've been checking out the job listings and figuring out what kind of jobs are out there and what people are looking for in an employee. Terry works in Public Service so I thought that would be a good place to start.

I applied for a couple of postings throughout this past year as a matter of fact. And 2 have gotten back to me already! I was kinda hoping that they would wait until after summer, but beggars can't be choosers.

One interview was over the phone, so I didn't have to worry about wearing nice interview clothes. I was able to sit on my comfy bed with all my prep work around me and just breathe.

But one interview will have me actually go out in person. Somehow I don't think the stay at home mommy gear of yoga pants and a tank top are gonna cut it for this one.

So I whipped up a patchwork-inspired peasant top on Friday to wear to this interview.

What do you think? Pretty?

Of course I won't be wearing just the top with shorts underneath. I have a pair of dress pants that I had sewn about 4 years ago that I absolutely love and are so comfortable that I will wear with this top.

The fabric is actually fabric that my family bought me for my birthday last year. Well, actually they bought me a gift card and I bought this particular fabric along with some solids to match. I was thinking about making a quilt out of it at the time, but could never find the perfect pattern for it. And I love it so much that I'm glad I decided to make clothes out of it. I think the peasant dress style is very flattering as well. Hopefully it won't make too bold an impression on the interview board. Wouldn't want them to get hypnotized by the crazy circles and plaid and forget about what I'm talking about hehehe

Wish me luck in this new endeavor! Hopefully I'll catch a break and start a new career at the end of August just as the kids are returning to school. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Iron Craft #11: Paper

This week's challenge:

"Let’s have a materials challenge! Find your inner Dr. Russ and create something beautiful using paper. You can use any kind of paper you want, tissue, wrapping, freezer, even card stock or cardboard." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Seriously... Dr. Russ is a genius when it comes to paper crafts. If only I could channel some of that talent.

But alas, I have zero talent or creativity when it comes to crafts with paper.

Luckily, my daughter does!

I happened to remember one paper craft that I really enjoyed as a child. My family used to drive up to Edmonton once or twice a year for my check ups and the road trip was super long - at least for a kid. My mom used to buy me books full of paper dolls to play with to keep me entertained throughout the trip.

So I decided to introduce paper dolls to my little girl.

I found a really cool website called Paper Thin Personas that is dedicated to paper dolls. So cool!

Lane and I picked out one of our favourites from the black and white collection. Mine was boho chic (the doll on the right) and Lane's was frocks and gowns (doll on the left). We coloured all the various clothes and accessories and I cut them all out. My cutting skills are a little rough. The only left handed scissors we have in the place are designated for fabric, so I used the right handed ones. Needless to say, the cutting is neither straight or accurate.

But we were still able to have a fashion show with our paper dolls. Lane wasn't very fussy about having all of her tabs folded properly as you can see in the above photo. She thought that since she coloured them, they were fine on the outside of the gown. I guess she has a point.


We had tons of fun making and displaying our paper dolls. I have a feeling that we'll be back to that website every couple of weeks to make new ones. They have tons and tons to choose from and it looks like they add more every week. Yay!

To visit all the paper crafts from the Iron Crafters, please check out the Flickr Group.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Crocheted Granny Square Kitty

Lane had a birthday party to attend last weekend. I wasn't familiar with the little birthday girl so I wasn't quite sure what to get her for a present.

But who doesn't love a kitty?

As I was making this kitty, Logan came up to me and asked: "Why does that kitty have a granny square for a tummy?"

My heart just about burst when I realized that my 8 year old son knows what a granny square is! I must be raising him right eh?


My answer: "Why shouldn't a kitty have a granny square for a tummy?"

Logan shrugged and left it at that.

The birthday girl loved her new kitty!

Here is a link to my granny square kitty project on Ravelry.