Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Spoiled Princess Kitty

Well... that does it! We have to admit that our new kitty is the most spoiled little princess cat in all of the world after what I just made for her.

Mathilda now has her very own cat couch - complete with catnip fishie pillow.

Is she totally pampered or what?

She seems to like her couch. I noticed that one of her favourite places to hang out in the house is on my computer chair, which is made from canvas and has arm rests. I figured she liked being enclosed, but not too enclosed when she goes to take a nap. She likes hanging out in her t-shirt tent when it's not nap time, but prefers my chair when it is.

So I made this couch for her out of strawberry shortcake canvas. I also happened to have two pink upholstery buttons in my collection that I used to make Mathilda's couch look all the more authentic.

I used fleece for the bottom cushion so kitty would be extra comfy. The bottom, back and arm rests are all stuffed with foam. This couch is durable and lightweight. So we can move it around to Mathilda's favourite spot in the house whenever that changes (which is like every single day).

As you can see, kitty isn't so much interested in the couch than the fishie pillow that I stuffed with catnip. hehehe - she's such a stoner!

Now pose and look pretty for the camera Mathilda!



This will have to do I guess.

Do you spoil your pet? I think Mathilda doesn't really care about all the stuff we get for her, but at least I enjoyed making this couch. :)

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