Monday, 23 March 2015

T-shirt Cat Tent for our New Adoption

A couple of weekends back, we decided to check out the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter. We go there from time to time to look at all the kitties and puppies. It's a fun thing to do on Saturday that doesn't cost much.

Only, this time it cost us quite a bit! We fell in love with a little kitty named Mathilda. The shelter worker told us that this particular kitty had 3 strikes against her. She was black. She was not young enough and not old enough. I guess people want either kittens or cats that have matured enough to fit into their lives without bother. Mathilda is 7 months.

The third strike was that she was born with a hole in her heart.


How could we not take her home with us? I have 3 holes in my heart and Terry brought me home with him ... so to speak...

They had ultrasounded Mathilda when she was at the shelter and found that the hole wasn't doing much. It wasn't growing and there was no blood seeping through. Better than I was doing when I was born for sure! We will have to get her an ultrasound again when she's a year old and fully grown to make sure that all the excitement of being adopted and settling into a new place hasn't damaged her hole further. But she's an active, healthy cat who is super curious and awesome!

Here she is being curious and preventing me from doing any work.

She's already a member of the family. Lane and Logan love her so much. Like any cat, she is up all night and she loves to climb into our bed and purr and purr and purr until we are downright insane with lack of sleep. So in an effort to regain our sanity while we train her not to do that - I made her a tent out of one of Terry's old t-shirts. Yes... I am aware that you really cannot train a cat, and this is going to be a long drawn out process of getting her to stop bugging us while we sleep. But we're going to make the effort anyway. Last night was the first night that we slept with the door open all night and didn't have a cat in our faces. Small victory though because she was sleeping in Lane's bed and Lane is a little more willing to let Mathilda purr and purr next to her all night *sigh*.

A Megadeth t-shirt tent for the most badass black kitty around \m/

I put the tent down when I was finished and was going to get Terry to show him my work when Mathilda came over to see the commotion and sniffed it out. She immediately claimed it as her own and sat right down in it before I Terry even arrived to check it out.

Ooooh black cat creepy eyes peering at us from inside....

I used a tutorial on Instructables to make the tent and it was super easy - no sew. All it took were 2 hangers, duck tape, cardboard, a t-shirt and safety pins.  You should totally make one for your furry friend.

So our days have been filled with watching a very curious little creature adjust to our house and routines. Here she is trying to help me make banana bread. Yeah... she's not so good at that.

And here she is trying to help me do the laundry. Again... yeah... she's not so good at that either.


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Rina Mason said...

What a wonderful thing to do and she looks like she is going to be the perfect fit for your family. From the sounds of it she appears to be a lover and is going to bring lots of love to the family.