Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Iron Craft Challenge #5: Green

This week's challenge:

"I had to do it, since the reveal day for this challenge is St. Patrick’s Day, I had to do a green challenge. So, make something that is the color green OR that is green in that it uses recycled materials." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Logan's favourite colour is green, so I've been collecting green fabric for a long time. So I figured that I had this challenge in the bag!

And then I ended up using the green from a pretty little green dress that Lane used to wear...


I guess you just can't plan every little thing when creative ideas start percolating.

I made Gwendolyn.

Gwendolyn was originally thought out in my head as a brunette. But I didn't have any brown yarn for her hair. Then I thought about making her a boy or at least a tomboy by using an old green t-shirt of Logan's (because he's had tons of green stuff). But I had saved and used all of this green t-shirts for his memory quilt. So back to the drawing board. I decided to take some inspiration from all the China dolls I used to play with at my Grandparents' store when I was a kid and make an Asian doll.

Jade green is a very important colour in Asian culture. And the lotus flower or flowers in general since this is sort of a daisy/lotus mixed flower. Anyhoo... Gwendolyn's dress used to be Lane's green dress. And wouldn't you know it - I can't find a single photo of Lane actually wearing that dress. The only one that came close was a photo of her wearing it underneath her Belle costume during one of the many times I made her try it on while I was making it. Since the dress is upcycled from Lane's though, it makes this project green coloured and eco-green as well. Yay!

I just love Gwen's cute face. She looks so happy. And her hair was a fluke. I had originally counted it out to be braided but then realized that this yarn was a lot thicker than I had wanted and the braids weren't coming together as nicely as I wanted. So I changed it up and gave her more of a Japanese anime character hair-do. I love it so much!

Gwen's doll body is made from a cotton/poly sheet that I dyed with coffee to make her skin tone. She is 15 inches tall.

Originally I thought that I might sell Gwen at the doll show that I am going to at the end of the month. Instead, I'm going to keep her. I can't give her up. She's like my little mascot now - cheering me on to making better and better dolls. :)

What do you think of Gwendolyn of the Green Dress?

I'm also going to be sharing her for the Sew Mama Sew 6 Weeks of Softies contest.

You can see all of the other Iron Crafters' green projects at the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

It's great that you have your own mascot now!