Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Iron Craft #4: Dreaming of Spring

This week's challenge:

"So, the groundhog saw his shadow and most of the US is being hit by snowstorms and bitter cold. (Shut up San Francisco, we don’t want to hear about your heatwave.) That has left most of us in this part of the world to dream of milder Spring days. For this challenge, we want you to turn those dreams into a project." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Well.... I gotta say... it hasn't been too bad a winter in Winnipeg this year.


I know!

I mean, we've gotten our regular -30C temps, but no where near as long and drawn out as last year. And the kids are super disappointed in the lack of snow we've been getting. There is only a tiny pile on our lawn. We built snowmen, but there isn't that huge wall of snow that the kids love to play in ... wah ...

Anywho - I'm still dreaming of spring. Because once spring comes, then summer isn't far behind. :)

My project is all ready for spring as well:

This is Audrey. I made this cloth doll and her outfit for this project.

Some stats about Audrey:

She is a 15 inch (36 cm) fabric doll. 

She is made out of a cotton sheet that was dyed with all natural coffee to achieve her medium skin tone. She has safety eyes of green and a sewn expression on her face complete with freckles. Her hair is made out of orange brushed yarn.

Her t-shirt and velour pants are made from upcycled childrens clothing and are removable. She has a raincoat and rain boots both made out of oilcloth and can be removed as well. She is ready for Spring to arrive!

I wish I had a cool raincoat like Audrey's! Then maybe I'd be ready for spring as well.

****To see all the Iron Crafters' Spring projects, check out the Flickr Group****

*** If you'd like to purchase Audrey - she's available in my Etsy shop :) ****


kat said...

To tell you the truth, it hasn't been a bad winter in Minnesota either. Very little snow and just a few weeks of sub-zero. I love your doll. The hair looks amazing from the back! I did a few dolls for girls in my life and never had hair that looked that good.

Smaller Places said...

Oh, for cute! The rain coat is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!