Monday, 23 February 2015

The Museum of Human Rights

Yesterday, we decided to head on over to the Forks and pay our first visit to the new Museum for Human Rights.

It was filled with a lot of heavy things to think about and tons of sources of inspiration. And the kids were surprisingly open to looking at the displays and found the trip interesting. I thought for sure they were going to be bored out of their minds and would bug us to leave early.

We went through all 7 floors of galleries with a quick skip by some of the displays on level 4 (the attendants warned us that the holocaust displays might be too much for young children). I'm sure if we would have stayed a bit longer to read some of those displays - long enough for Logan to read some of them - we would have a very upset boy (and a very upset me as well). As it was, I was bawling through most of the devastating setbacks we've had as humans and then smiling at the displays of incredible courage and inspiration of people fighting for human rights around the world. A roller coaster for the emotions!

Some photos from our visit:

While we were looking at the displays all around this huge room, there was this circle in the middle. The kids discovered that if you walked across the floor in this area, a circle of light would follow you. And if you came together near another person your circle would expand to include that other person. What a fantastic lesson in how people interact and influence each other as well as being such a fun thing for the kids to do while parents are busy.

Tranquility garden. It reminded me so much of the healing garden at the hospital in Edmonton.

Logan was perfecting his "photo bomb" skillz.

The view from the 3rd floor.

Had to snap a photo of crochet. This display shed light on all the wonderful work grandmothers in Africa and Canada are doing. They have yarn bombed a tree with all these colourful granny squares to bring awareness to the AIDS crisis in Africa and around the world.

At the very end of our visit, we traipsed up several flights of stairs to the tower. I think Terry just about had a heart attack with the kids being ... well... kids... at high heights. But they were well behaved and we got to see this view of the Provencher Bridge. Beautiful.

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