Monday, 9 February 2015

Crocheted Miss Piggy

Terry came home from work one day with a strange request. A co-worker of his had seen Link and Hobbes in the background of Terry's office during a video conference and really liked them.

Terry told this co-worker that I had made those figures and was learning how to crochet.

The co-worker then asked him if I could make a Miss Piggy in crochet.

Uhhhhh... Can't say that I ever thought about making a Miss Piggy amigurumi. But I suppose....

I put the request into the back of mind while Christmas was happening because I just didn't have time to attempt one. Then I totally forgot about it in January until Terry came home from work and said that the same co-worker asked again about Miss Piggy.

So I teased Terry that I had better figure out a Miss Piggy soon so that he wouldn't be bullied at work anymore hehehe

I think she turned out fab-u-lous!

I used this pattern to make Miss Piggy. The pattern was great and left a lot of options open for hair colour and style etc. I decided to forego the featured 70s feathered hair look and go for a straighter look. I used peach colour instead of cream which I think was successful in making her "piggy" colour.

Terry took a look at the finished project and said that he didn't think Miss Piggy was all eyelashes until he saw it and then looked up a photo of the puppet and compared. She is indeed all eyelashes. I used felt for the eyelashes as I thought that that black yarn I had was too thick and heavy for fluttery eyelashes.

She's pretty glamorous isn't she?

Terry sent her to his co-worker and we hope that it gets delivered before Valentine's Day. I'm guessing that this Miss Piggy might be a present for his wife ;)

A link to my Miss Piggy project on Ravelry.

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Kathryn said...

She turned out fabulous!