Monday, 2 February 2015

Chase From Paw Patrol Crocheted Police Puppy

Lane has really gotten into a show called Paw Patrol lately.

I found a series of patterns on Ravelry to make each of the puppies on the show and Lane was instantly in love with each one. She chose for me to make Chase - the police puppy first.

Does he look like the real thing?

I admit - the fur could have been a little lighter, but I didn't want to purchase any more yarn for this project. I have been trying to keep to one storage bin full of yarn and it's pretty cramped in there right now. Ooops.


I used this pattern for Chase (purchased in the set with all the pups and Chickaletta). It was easy to follow and made a pretty treasured pup for Lane.

Stay tuned later in the week for a tutorial for a fleece police puppy. I decided that since Chase turned out so nice I might actually be able to design a fabric version for the sewists out there. I'm currently getting the pattern scanned in and ready to share. :)

*** A link to my Chase on Ravelry***

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