Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Eddie - The Boy Doll

I've been working on a fantastic floral dolly for the first Iron Craft of the year - stay tuned for that next Tuesday. As I was putting her together, Logan expressed his interest in having a boy doll.

Lane and Logan have made up a game similar to playing "house" only they are neighbours and they use their DS game systems to message each other like texting. Cute! Lane insists that Logan have some kids too. He's been a good sport and has played with Lane's doll Emma and pushed her around in the stroller etc. But he thought it was high time he had a little boy doll to play this game with.

No problem!

Everyone meet Eddie.

Isn't he precious?!

I heavily modified a pattern for Eddie from Wee Wonderfuls.

You can see the book's version of Eddie on the cover.

I made the facial expression the same, but instead of using faux fur for the hair, I decided to strand all the hair myself.

Notice the toe of a broken sock on Eddie's head. I used it as the knit scalp that I could strand the hair through. Phew! That was a huge job! It took me nearly 4 hours of sitting on the rocking chair, listening to tunes and making doll hair. Good thing Terry took the kids to play mini golf on Sunday so they didn't see all the time I was spending on a silly doll.

Anyhoo.... the hair turned out fab-u-lous!

I used Logan's old t-shirt to make Eddie's t-shirt. Oh my gosh - so many memories attached to that shirt. Logan loves his doll so much. He's been playing happily with Eddie for a few days now. :)

My original plan was to modify the pattern so that Eddie was wearing a button up shirt with a bow tie... or maybe some overalls? But Logan insisted that Eddie be a regular boy with jeans and t-shirt. OK, I can do that.... this time... ;)

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kat said...

Oh man, I've done dolls with stranded hair like that & it is so time consuming! You doll is really cute.