Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fishie: The Crocheted Plastic Bag Keeper

Isn't it wonderful when you find a product that you never really knew that you needed until you started using it? Then that product is so cute and funny and awesome, that you wonder how you ever lived without it?

That is what Fishie is to this family.

I crocheted fishie as an attempt to clean up our plastic bag junk drawer in the kitchen. The drawer is in an awkward place and I hate pushing all those bags into it. Then when I go to use a plastic bag, they all come tumbling out of the drawer and make a mess. Most of the time, we are a re-usable bag family. But there are sometimes when we stop at the store unexpectedly and find ourselves with a plastic bag or two. We try to save them and re-use them as garbage bags or lunch bags, or whatever... but that drawer needed to go!

Isn't Fishie so funny?

You place plastic bags in the tail and they are fed kinda like Kleenex out of Fishie's mouth. hehehe. Too much! And oh so useful.

We strung Fishie up on our railing in the kitchen. He's actually not facing the way he is in the photo because that would be kinda crazy. But it worked to get a good photo... so...

You can see that awkward plastic bag drawer that we had hiding underneath that shelf with the kids' plastic drinking cups on it. Oy! I really disliked that drawer. Fishie is much better!

I used this pattern to make Fishie. It worked up pretty well - I had to stop in the middle of the project to make a quick birthday gift for one of Lane's friends. Fishie was made in all the crazy colours of my kitchen - green, brown and orange. I think he fits right in, don't you?

**** A link to my Fishie project on Ravelry ****

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How To: Quick (well... sorta) Short Doll Hair Made out of Yarn

Remember when I made Eddie the boy doll and it took me 4 hours to strand his hair? Gah! I needed to find a quicker and easier way of achieving the same results.

I thought and thought about it and finally came up with a decent way to make short doll hair out of yarn.

Check it out - as good as Eddie's with  half the work.  Wanna learn how to make it?

Please visit my website to see the tutorial.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Mild Winter - in Photos

So far, this winter has been super mild. That means that our little family has been able to do some pretty fun things outside... in January... in Winnipeg...


Don't believe me?

Check it out:

Making snowmen.

Ice skating at the Forks.

After we skated, we went inside for some hot chocolate and then headed out to the river walk.

We looked at the strange warming huts that were scattered along the walk. This one was a country cottage spray painted fluorescent yellow.

This one was blue on the outside and orange on the inside, with a weird slide that landed most kids right on their bums on the other side of the box. Hmmmm...

This warming hut featured prairie art. Lane loved the paintings of dogs.

This isn't really a winter thing, but we did stop for ice cream at the Marble Slab after a long, fun day of skating. Yum!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Iron Craft #1: 4th Anniversary - Katie the Dolly

Yes! I'm doing Iron Craft for another year. I love these challenges so much and look forward to completing each and every one of them. Sometimes the challenge is tough, and sometimes it spurs me to work on something I've been putting off or wanting to try.

Here is this week's challenge:
"This challenge marks the 4th Anniversary of Iron Craft (Yup, four years of crafty challenges!). So as in past years, this challenge is based on the gifts, both traditional and modern, for a four year anniversary. The traditional gift is fruit or flowers and the modern gift is appliances. So, create a project based on one or more of those themes, fruit, flowers and appliances (that last one is tricky)." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Well... I was going to be all... APPLIANCES for this challenge. I thought about making those felted wool dryer balls. You know... for that dryer type appliance I have. But I got a little worried about the wool. I'm severely allergic to wool. Welts city all over my skin when I come into contact with it. Shhh... don't tell anyone. They might revoke my crocheting cred if I admit to it. Actually my allergy to wool extends to most store bought make-up as well because they typically use lanolin from wool to make their products. I thought about wearing gloves while I made the balls and hoped that the felting process in the washer might rid the dryer balls of the lanolin. But I wasn't sure I wanted to take the chance.

So, long story short, I went with florals instead.

Everyone meet Katie - my floral doll.

I made the doll using the pattern from the My Rag Doll book. Well... mainly... I changed it up a bit to add my own flare to her.

This book is fantastic by the way. It has tons of tips and tricks for doll clothing and facial expression and hair. Love it!

Then I took some of my prized Liberty of London fabric and made her a floral dress.

Then I made her some felt shoes. Lane immediately claimed Katie as her own (actually it was Lane who named her Katie in the first place). Lane wheeled her new dolly around in her play baby stroller for hours.

But I wasn't finished with Katie yet.

Katie needed an apron/pinafore over the top of her dress. She also needed red ties in her hair and a fancy new handbag. Those handles are actually curtain rings! They were the perfect size to make a pretty floral handbag for Katie.

I could have gone on and on and on making things for Katie, but Logan stopped me and asked if he could have a boy doll to play with. So I stopped and made Eddie which you saw in a previous post.

These two are best buddies. :)

Over the top floral? Possibly... but I couldn't help it. I love love love love love love making dolls. Maybe I'll actually be able to list a few in the shop this year without having someone (or maybe me) claim them as their own.

To check out all the other 4th anniversary Iron Craft projects, click on over to the Flickr Group.

And cheers to another fantastic year of Iron Crafting!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Eddie's Crocheted Teddy Bear

Eddie the doll decided that he needed a teddy bear to keep him safe and cozy at night.

I was only to happy to oblige. I saw this pattern and thought that it was the perfect size for a doll's new teddy. And he turned out adorable! I made this bear in less than an hour. Yay!

I think Eddie likes him too. :)

***** A link to my Teddy Bear project on Ravelry****

Thursday, 15 January 2015

H0w To: Fleece Cupcake Scarf

A little bit after the holidays I decided that I should crochet a scarf for Lane. The bulk of winter happens in February around here, so I knew that she would need a nice warm scarf. She chose a cupcake scarf and I got to work. Unfortunately, the crocheted version was going to be way too flimsy for a Winnipeg winter. I had to improvise and make one that could prove its worth this winter.

Hence, the Cupcake Scarf was born!

Awesome aren't they?

Wanna make your own? Click on over the to see the full tutorial. :)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Eddie - The Boy Doll

I've been working on a fantastic floral dolly for the first Iron Craft of the year - stay tuned for that next Tuesday. As I was putting her together, Logan expressed his interest in having a boy doll.

Lane and Logan have made up a game similar to playing "house" only they are neighbours and they use their DS game systems to message each other like texting. Cute! Lane insists that Logan have some kids too. He's been a good sport and has played with Lane's doll Emma and pushed her around in the stroller etc. But he thought it was high time he had a little boy doll to play this game with.

No problem!

Everyone meet Eddie.

Isn't he precious?!

I heavily modified a pattern for Eddie from Wee Wonderfuls.

You can see the book's version of Eddie on the cover.

I made the facial expression the same, but instead of using faux fur for the hair, I decided to strand all the hair myself.

Notice the toe of a broken sock on Eddie's head. I used it as the knit scalp that I could strand the hair through. Phew! That was a huge job! It took me nearly 4 hours of sitting on the rocking chair, listening to tunes and making doll hair. Good thing Terry took the kids to play mini golf on Sunday so they didn't see all the time I was spending on a silly doll.

Anyhoo.... the hair turned out fab-u-lous!

I used Logan's old t-shirt to make Eddie's t-shirt. Oh my gosh - so many memories attached to that shirt. Logan loves his doll so much. He's been playing happily with Eddie for a few days now. :)

My original plan was to modify the pattern so that Eddie was wearing a button up shirt with a bow tie... or maybe some overalls? But Logan insisted that Eddie be a regular boy with jeans and t-shirt. OK, I can do that.... this time... ;)

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I have been so wrapped up in getting 2015 off to a productive start that I almost forgot to show you the last few Christmas gifts I made.

So I made one post for the last two.

The first is a crocheted plaid scarf that I made for one of our dearest friends. I thought this pattern was going to be super difficult, but it turned out to look complicated but to not actually be complicated to crochet.

And the second is a sweet little monkey for a sweet little girl (who just happens to be the daughter of the friend who received the above plaid scarf). Monkey kept all of those amarachi scarves safe and warm until I send them out. :)

A link to my plaid scarf project on Ravelry.
A link to my blue monkey project on Ravelry.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bringing in the New Year Without a Resolution

Way back in 2013 I decided to make a New Year Resolution to learn how to crochet. Friends had given  me a book for Christmas to help me along and I thought it might be time to learn a new craft.

I worked and worked at it and I think I've accomplished that resolution with flying colours. A wonderful supporter on my FB Fanpage even commented that I didn't just learn crochet, I kicked its bum!

Here are some of the crochet project I got up to in 2014 (in beautiful collage form):

This year as I reflect on things I might like to make resolutions about, I can't really find anything. I mean, there's always the "I wanna lose weight" resolution. I also want to learn how to knit eventually, but even that isn't a pressing concern. I'm having enough fun with sewing and crochet to worry too much about that right now.

So I'm going with the "no resolution" year.

Do you have a resolution for 2015? Have you even stuck to resolutions? Cuz seriously this crochet thing is the only New Year Resolution I've ever stuck to.


Happy New Year from Team LT! All the best for 2015! :D