Monday, 15 December 2014

We Got A Tree!

This holiday season has been especially warm here in Winnipeg, so we decided on the weekend to try something new in an effort to get a Christmas tree.

We headed to Timber Trails Tree Farm and chose our tree and then cut it down and hauled it home. The kids found this to be super fun and I think it might just be a new family tradition.

Hot dog lunch in the beautifully decorated, warm and cozy barn.

We went through fields and fields of trees trying to select the perfect one.

We picked a nice round, fat tree with lots of branches and a big branch at the top for our snowman to sit upon. Terry chopped it down - TIMBER!

It was a family effort to drag the tree back to the lot to have a net placed around it. But truth be told, Lane and I both got soaked and poked with pricklies too much so Terry ended up dragging the tree by himself with us following.

Logan was in charge of the saw. The tree farm provides the saws in the cutting lots so you don't even have to bring your own. Awesome!

While Terry was tying the tree to the top of the car, we investigated a huge snowman that was built in the middle of a tree field. The 7-Up can for an eye had come out so after this photo was taken I did my best to jump and push it back in.

Then we climbed to the top of these hay bales. You see how warm it was? No snow covering the hay. Actually it was really foggy and raining on Sunday when we went. Very strange for December.

Here we all are at the top of the hay bales. When Terry was done tying the tree to the car, we all went for a sleigh ride.

There were Christmas bells attached to the sleigh and it made for a very festive fun trip!

The drive even let Lane take the reigns for the trip and showed her how to steer the horses. She was in heaven.

Can you see all that fog in the background? It certainly was an interesting trip back to the city, but Terry had tied that tree up so tight that we didn't have to worry about it falling off, so we all got back happy and excited from a new adventure.

This year was Lane's turn to place the snowman at the top of the tree. A tree that we got to choose and cut ourselves. How very Griswold of us!

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