Monday, 29 December 2014

The Holidays with Team LT - 2014

I hope everyone is in the middle of enjoying some awesome year end holidays!

We've been having a wonderful time.

Wanna see?

We made cookies to leave out for Santa. The kids decorated them with extra sugar sprinkles. Yummy!

I worked on the Christmas Eve puzzle. Yeah... so I'm almost done the penguin one today. It's all white! My dad sent it to me to see if I'd back down from the challenge. Heck no! I'm gonna complete it even if I have to do it piece by slightly white and blue piece.

On Christmas Eve the kids opened one present each. Lane opened a handmade bear from mommy. Logan noticed the familiar shape of a 3DS game and opened Pokemon X - woo!

These kids are the worst at Christmas morning. Well... not the worst if you are a parent, but kids should be a little antsy and wake up parents annoyingly early on Christmas morning right? Logan woke up at 7:15 and went to the washroom. Then he walked back down the hallway and didn't even look at the tree before laying back down in bed and waiting for his sister to wake up. Lane didn't wake up until 7:45. What?! Whose kids are these?! I was always up at around 5:00 with my brother making noise and doing everything I could to wake up my little sister and parents. Hmmm... oh well. I should be happy that they are so considerate.

And of course the packaging from the presents is just as important as the new toys. The kids made a sofa for their new pals.

Then we went to test out the new snowball maker.

Direct hit! :P

We crafted up some buildings for Santa's village. Maybe next year I'll have the patience to craft up a few more and we'll eventually have an entire village. Maybe...  (boy were all those foam pieces and bits of fluff infuriating. I might have lost my patience a few times during this process. The kids are much better at this piddly stuff than I am. I'm glad they were helping).

Lane set up her stuffies, new and old, to pose for a photo taken on her new camera from Grandpa Doug. Then Lane and Terry took target practice on the stuffies with the Nerf dart guns the kids got for Christmas. Hah!

And today we celebrated Terry's birthday at Montana's. Happy Birthday babe! I love you!

It's looking like a pretty sweet holiday eh?

Happy Holidays from Team LT!

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