Thursday, 18 December 2014

Nintendo 3DS Carrying Case

Logan recently had a birthday and instead of a party, he decided to get a bigger present - a 3DS.

So far it's been a good decision I think. He plays with that thing constantly. Now he's at the point where he wants to bring it to his friend's houses to connect it to their 3DSs. He requested a carrying case so that it could be safely transported around.

I went on the Internet and looked around for what 3DS cases might look like. I noticed there were tons of ideas out there. Some that had extra pockets for cords and tiny pockets to carry games. I showed Logan some of the suggestions and he took all those ideas and drew up his own plan. His plan included space enough for his 3DS and also mine and Terry's DSs. Plus a zippered pocket for a charging cord or 2 or 3 and a spot for at least 12 games.

Phew! Tall order! I didn't want him lugging around something the size of a duffle bag. Especially because he was also thinking that he could carry this case with him for long car trips or on the plane (if we ever get around to going on a holiday).

I did a whole lot of math! Seriously guys, if anyone had told me in high school that I would need to know this much math to be able to design something properly, then maybe I would have paid attention. Well... probably not because I'm pretty sure my dad told me that many times while I was in school.

Anyhoo... after all that math, I came up with this:

Pretty awesome amiright?

And the whole thing only measures 7.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep and 5.5 inches in length. A small carrying case that fits everything nicely. Math - who knew it could be so useful?

I put Logan's name on the handle.

I stiffened the entire case with the cardboard from a Pepsi box so it's nice and sturdy.

My pink DS is in the back pocket. Terry's grey DS is in the middle. There is a zippered pocket in there holding a charging cord and some stray stylus pens. Logan's 3DS is in the front.

When I take out the middle DS, you can see that there are little pockets sewn into the middle divider. Enough pockets to hold 8 games on one side and 8 games on the other for a total of 16 games - woo!

All in one compact carrying case. When I asked Logan if this is what he imagined, he said no. No? Dammit - I thought I screwed up and all that hard work and math was for nothing. But he elaborated by saying that it was better than he thought it was going to be. He thought I was going to make a roll-up sort of design with a tie or a button which would piss him off. Hee! I'm glad he enjoys the many benefits of Velcro like I do.

What do you think? A little overboard for a simple carrying case? Or a super slick design?

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