Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Handmade Holidays 2014: About a Zillion Amarachi Lace Scarves

The kids seem to have grown their list of teachers this year. There were a lot of teacher gifts to figure out.

I found this fantastic pattern for a relatively quick, elegant scarf. Then I found some really pretty sparkly holiday yarn and got to work.

For Lane's Pre-School Teacher Sylvia

For Lane's Ballet/Tap Teacher Miss Nancy

For the lady at the post office who makes my early morning post runs much brighter with her cheerful smile

For Logan's Teacher Ms. GS

For Lane's helper Pre-School Teacher Corina

For Lane's Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Hess
And then I used some soft yarn with more quantity to make two more scarves that are more functional than the sparkly fashion scarves above. They are much longer and meant to be worn as winter scarves rather than fashion accessories.

For my BFF Chelsea

For our dear friend Melanie
Phew! I've been busy! I have come to love this pattern so much. It's getting easier and easier to make these scarves without having to count or watch every stitch. The first scarf (the white one for Chelsea) took me about 5 hours to make. But by the last one it was only taking me about 2 hours per sparkly one and 3 for the long silver one. woo!

A few links to my Amarachi Lace scarf projects here, here and here.

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