Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Iron Craft #26: Celebration

OMG you guys! Terry has been home taking a little vacation during this Christmas break and well.... I totally forgot it was Tuesday. And I totally forgot that this particular Tuesday marks the end of a fantastic year of Iron Craft.


So without further delay .... this last challenge was:

"We’ve made it, it’s the last Iron Craft challenge of the year! Of course, this challenge hits smack dab in the middle of the holidays, so let’s embrace that. This week we want you to make something for the theme of celebration. Create something that adds to a celebration. That can be a decoration, food, a cocktail or whatever else says celebration to you. We are thinking, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kawanzaa, and New Year’s, but you can use any celebration as your inspiration." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

The kids and I decided that we would celebrate the 12 Days of Pokemon.

Yeah... you read that correctly.

When I finally remembered that today was Iron Craft reveal day, I ran upstairs to take photos of our lovely celebration posters - so please forgive the terrible pictures. It's dark outside already! ACK!

Anyhoo - Terry sent me an email linking to the Pokemon Twitter page in mid-December. The Twitter account was releasing their version of the 12 Days of Christmas - The 12 Days of Pokemon. Each day they would release another picture.

We thought it would be cool to show Logan because he is obsessed with Pokemon. He loved them! So I thought up a craft to commemorate each day.

I printed out the pictures twice (because each kid needed to work on their own poster), got some poster board from the Dollarstore and let the kids take over.

Logan collects Pokemon cards and has a lot of repeats, so he thought it would be nice to use the repeated cards to decorate the poster as well.

I think they turned out fun and festive!

Wanna hear (or rather ... read) the 12 Days of Pokemon?

On the 12th Day of Pokemon a trainer gave to me 12 Snorlax drumming
11 Piplup Piping
10 Lopunny Leaping
9 Lilligant Dancing
8 Miltank Milking
7 Swanna Swimmiing
6 Chansey Playing
5 Ursaring!
4 Delibird
3 Mega Blaziken
2 Pidove
and a Pikachu in a Berry Tree!!!!!!

Hahahaha! Super awesome! Now you all can celebrate the 12 Days of Pokemon!

To see all of the other Iron Craft celebration projects, check out the Flickr Group.

Monday, 29 December 2014

The Holidays with Team LT - 2014

I hope everyone is in the middle of enjoying some awesome year end holidays!

We've been having a wonderful time.

Wanna see?

We made cookies to leave out for Santa. The kids decorated them with extra sugar sprinkles. Yummy!

I worked on the Christmas Eve puzzle. Yeah... so I'm almost done the penguin one today. It's all white! My dad sent it to me to see if I'd back down from the challenge. Heck no! I'm gonna complete it even if I have to do it piece by slightly white and blue piece.

On Christmas Eve the kids opened one present each. Lane opened a handmade bear from mommy. Logan noticed the familiar shape of a 3DS game and opened Pokemon X - woo!

These kids are the worst at Christmas morning. Well... not the worst if you are a parent, but kids should be a little antsy and wake up parents annoyingly early on Christmas morning right? Logan woke up at 7:15 and went to the washroom. Then he walked back down the hallway and didn't even look at the tree before laying back down in bed and waiting for his sister to wake up. Lane didn't wake up until 7:45. What?! Whose kids are these?! I was always up at around 5:00 with my brother making noise and doing everything I could to wake up my little sister and parents. Hmmm... oh well. I should be happy that they are so considerate.

And of course the packaging from the presents is just as important as the new toys. The kids made a sofa for their new pals.

Then we went to test out the new snowball maker.

Direct hit! :P

We crafted up some buildings for Santa's village. Maybe next year I'll have the patience to craft up a few more and we'll eventually have an entire village. Maybe...  (boy were all those foam pieces and bits of fluff infuriating. I might have lost my patience a few times during this process. The kids are much better at this piddly stuff than I am. I'm glad they were helping).

Lane set up her stuffies, new and old, to pose for a photo taken on her new camera from Grandpa Doug. Then Lane and Terry took target practice on the stuffies with the Nerf dart guns the kids got for Christmas. Hah!

And today we celebrated Terry's birthday at Montana's. Happy Birthday babe! I love you!

It's looking like a pretty sweet holiday eh?

Happy Holidays from Team LT!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Handmade Holidays 2014: About a Zillion Amarachi Lace Scarves

The kids seem to have grown their list of teachers this year. There were a lot of teacher gifts to figure out.

I found this fantastic pattern for a relatively quick, elegant scarf. Then I found some really pretty sparkly holiday yarn and got to work.

For Lane's Pre-School Teacher Sylvia

For Lane's Ballet/Tap Teacher Miss Nancy

For the lady at the post office who makes my early morning post runs much brighter with her cheerful smile

For Logan's Teacher Ms. GS

For Lane's helper Pre-School Teacher Corina

For Lane's Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Hess
And then I used some soft yarn with more quantity to make two more scarves that are more functional than the sparkly fashion scarves above. They are much longer and meant to be worn as winter scarves rather than fashion accessories.

For my BFF Chelsea

For our dear friend Melanie
Phew! I've been busy! I have come to love this pattern so much. It's getting easier and easier to make these scarves without having to count or watch every stitch. The first scarf (the white one for Chelsea) took me about 5 hours to make. But by the last one it was only taking me about 2 hours per sparkly one and 3 for the long silver one. woo!

A few links to my Amarachi Lace scarf projects here, here and here.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Family Day at Lane's Ballet Class

Saturday was family day at Lane's ballet/tap class.

So much adorable in one room!

Here's a little peek:

She's sassy aint' she?

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Handmade Holidays 2014: Cuddly Cat Crochet Scoodie with Pockets

I had this pattern for a Scoodie (that's a scarf with a hood) bookmarked for quite awhile and really wanted to make it for myself. It even has the pockets at the end of the scarf to keep my hands warm.

I also had all of this baby clouds yarn that was just dying to be made into something cozy and warm. Unfortunately, I can't keep everything I make for myself and I already stole the Grinch scarf from my Christmas present giving pile. So I made this this one for my sister.

Isn't it precious?

I used this free pattern on Ravelry to make this scoodie.

It certainly didn't take as much time as I thought it would. Or maybe it didn't seem like it took that much time because I've been binge watching Nashville on Netflix these past few weeks and the time has just flown by! :P

The baby clouds yarn was a little tricky at first to figure out, but I started working the crochet by feel rather than trying to see where the next stitch was supposed to be place. That worked much better.

I think my sister is going to be the warmest, snuggliest kitty in the whole world this winter.

Another present finished! Woo!

Actually, truth be known, I've been working more on Christmas presents than I have on writing this blog so I'm finished all the handmade Christmas presents I need for this year. I'll show you a few more this week and some projects I'm saving until after Christmas because there are nosy kids in the room with me pretty much all the time and I wouldn't want to spoil anything for them. Spoiling things for my sister though? No problem! hehehe ;)

***A link to my cuddly cat scoodie project on Ravelry****

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Nintendo 3DS Carrying Case

Logan recently had a birthday and instead of a party, he decided to get a bigger present - a 3DS.

So far it's been a good decision I think. He plays with that thing constantly. Now he's at the point where he wants to bring it to his friend's houses to connect it to their 3DSs. He requested a carrying case so that it could be safely transported around.

I went on the Internet and looked around for what 3DS cases might look like. I noticed there were tons of ideas out there. Some that had extra pockets for cords and tiny pockets to carry games. I showed Logan some of the suggestions and he took all those ideas and drew up his own plan. His plan included space enough for his 3DS and also mine and Terry's DSs. Plus a zippered pocket for a charging cord or 2 or 3 and a spot for at least 12 games.

Phew! Tall order! I didn't want him lugging around something the size of a duffle bag. Especially because he was also thinking that he could carry this case with him for long car trips or on the plane (if we ever get around to going on a holiday).

I did a whole lot of math! Seriously guys, if anyone had told me in high school that I would need to know this much math to be able to design something properly, then maybe I would have paid attention. Well... probably not because I'm pretty sure my dad told me that many times while I was in school.

Anyhoo... after all that math, I came up with this:

Pretty awesome amiright?

And the whole thing only measures 7.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep and 5.5 inches in length. A small carrying case that fits everything nicely. Math - who knew it could be so useful?

I put Logan's name on the handle.

I stiffened the entire case with the cardboard from a Pepsi box so it's nice and sturdy.

My pink DS is in the back pocket. Terry's grey DS is in the middle. There is a zippered pocket in there holding a charging cord and some stray stylus pens. Logan's 3DS is in the front.

When I take out the middle DS, you can see that there are little pockets sewn into the middle divider. Enough pockets to hold 8 games on one side and 8 games on the other for a total of 16 games - woo!

All in one compact carrying case. When I asked Logan if this is what he imagined, he said no. No? Dammit - I thought I screwed up and all that hard work and math was for nothing. But he elaborated by saying that it was better than he thought it was going to be. He thought I was going to make a roll-up sort of design with a tie or a button which would piss him off. Hee! I'm glad he enjoys the many benefits of Velcro like I do.

What do you think? A little overboard for a simple carrying case? Or a super slick design?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Iron Craft #25: Under The Gun

This week's challenge:

"It’s that time of year when we are all rushing to get things done and still enjoy the holidays. We want to make sure you still find time to craft, so this challenge is all about time. Make something that you can complete, start to finish, in an hour or less. That is your only restriction for this challenge, so have at it!" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I've been so busy working on Christmas gifts this year that it was nice to take a break and work on something fun, even if it is just for an hour. Not that working on Christmas gifts isn't fun, it's just exhausting worrying about colours, styles, etc of the gift recipient.

I decided to do something entirely different than anything I've been working on lately.

A grumpy cat Perler bead ornament for Lane and a Pikachu Perler bead ornament for Logan.

Pikachu was easy to find in pixellated form since the character is in a video game. Grumpy cat was a bit tougher, but a search on Pinterest found loads of examples for cross stitch that I interpreted into beads.

From the time I started searching for the pattern, to the time I was ironing the beads into a melted mash was 1 hour on the dot. If you count me searching for an ornament hook and then threading them through a bead at the top of each ornament, then it might have gone over by about 15 minutes. Those hooks were buried under all the Christmas stuff! ACK! But since searching for hooks isn't really "crafting" I think I made it under the time limit. :D

To check out all the 1 hour projects from the Iron Crafters, please visit the Flickr Group.

Monday, 15 December 2014

We Got A Tree!

This holiday season has been especially warm here in Winnipeg, so we decided on the weekend to try something new in an effort to get a Christmas tree.

We headed to Timber Trails Tree Farm and chose our tree and then cut it down and hauled it home. The kids found this to be super fun and I think it might just be a new family tradition.

Hot dog lunch in the beautifully decorated, warm and cozy barn.

We went through fields and fields of trees trying to select the perfect one.

We picked a nice round, fat tree with lots of branches and a big branch at the top for our snowman to sit upon. Terry chopped it down - TIMBER!

It was a family effort to drag the tree back to the lot to have a net placed around it. But truth be told, Lane and I both got soaked and poked with pricklies too much so Terry ended up dragging the tree by himself with us following.

Logan was in charge of the saw. The tree farm provides the saws in the cutting lots so you don't even have to bring your own. Awesome!

While Terry was tying the tree to the top of the car, we investigated a huge snowman that was built in the middle of a tree field. The 7-Up can for an eye had come out so after this photo was taken I did my best to jump and push it back in.

Then we climbed to the top of these hay bales. You see how warm it was? No snow covering the hay. Actually it was really foggy and raining on Sunday when we went. Very strange for December.

Here we all are at the top of the hay bales. When Terry was done tying the tree to the car, we all went for a sleigh ride.

There were Christmas bells attached to the sleigh and it made for a very festive fun trip!

The drive even let Lane take the reigns for the trip and showed her how to steer the horses. She was in heaven.

Can you see all that fog in the background? It certainly was an interesting trip back to the city, but Terry had tied that tree up so tight that we didn't have to worry about it falling off, so we all got back happy and excited from a new adventure.

This year was Lane's turn to place the snowman at the top of the tree. A tree that we got to choose and cut ourselves. How very Griswold of us!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Happy Birthday Logan!

Happy Birthday to my awesome, totally radical, most excellent Logan! I love everything about you from your silly sense of humour, to the caring way you take care of your little sister, to the intense passion you have for things that interest you. You are 8 years old today and my life is abundantly richer because you're in it.

My boy is so big that he made the big boy decision to skip a birthday party this year in order to get a 3DS. A 3DS costs about as much as a birthday party would, so it was a fair trade (and means that I didn't have to make a bunch of birthday party t-shirt badges this year - Win!)

Happy Birthday Logan!!!!!!!