Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lane's Christmas Dress 2014

With all this hoopla over making Christmas gifts this year, you might have thought that I forgot about dressing my kids for their holidays concerts at school.

Yeah? You did think that?

I don't blame you... I've been a bit scatter brained lately.

But I did not forget.

I actually brought Lane to the fabric store on Friday afternoon to let her pick out a pattern and some fabric for her Christmas dress.

And this is what we ended up with (after a weekend of sewing that is).

Awww... isn't she cute? We chose Christmas themed fabric, but notice how it still has lots of pretty pink in it.

The back ties with a pretty bow and zips up. And the zipper did not bring me to tears like they usually do when I try to sew them in. Yay! I must be improving.

The front has a fabric flower sewn the "belt" piece. Lane was super insistent on that part of the dress. I used McCall's M6875 view B (because of the flower, View A had a bow collar on it). The pattern was OK. At least I didn't rework it as much as I usually do. I chock that up to me being in a decent mood this weekend to just roll with it rather than the pattern doing anything mollifying. I usually rip those suckers up and end up designing my own thing.

Anyhoo... this pattern also came with instructions and pattern pieces to make a matching dress for an 18 inch doll. So I'm guessing that Lane's precious baby doll Emma is going to have to have a dress as well.

Lane will be wearing this dress to 2 concerts this year (her pre-school and kindergarten ones). She'll also wear it to visit Santa at the mall in the not too distant future.

What do you think? Maybe a little summery for a Winnipeg winter dress? Or just plain adorable?

*** I just got a note in Logan's backpack that says he is required to wear a black or white shirt with no logos on it to his holiday concert. This kinda wrecks his plan of getting me to make him a fleece Christmas themed sweater. Oh well... I think I might make him one anyway and he can wear it to visit Santa ;)

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anita said...

Beautiful! I can't believe how many amazing things you make. You must be sewing and crocheting all day long!