Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Handmade Holidays 2014: Gecko Frecko

My one little cousin is getting Holly Dolly, whom we met in an earlier post, for Christmas. So I had to make something equally as special for her brother.

And I think I nailed it!

Everyone meet Frecko Gecko.

Isn't he the sweetest?

You can't be a slouch if you're going to attempt this pattern. Boy oh boy was he ever complicated. To get those pretty bobbles all in the proper places I needed to count each and every row. There was no sitting back and watching TV while I stitch the same thing over and over again like is the case with most of the things I crochet. Nope. This guy was some serious work. But I'll forgive him because he's so cute!

I used this pattern to make him. It was super easy to follow (even with the extraordinary amount of work). And it was free! :D I can't believe it, because there was so much detail in the pattern along with easy to read symbols and tons of photos. Phew!

Now my only problem is: How on earth am I gonna find something to pack Frecko Gecko in to send to my cousin in Vancouver? He's like 2 feet long at least and curvy. It's gonna take some fancy improv to get him all packaged up. Oh well... totally worth it still.  Have any ideas about packaging for me to try?

Here is the link to my Frecko Gecko project on Ravelry.

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anita said...

Ooh! Happy clap! :) Love the Gecko.