Monday, 3 November 2014

Ash Ketchum Costume - Pokemon

Logan is obsessed - I mean... obsessed with Pokemon.

Maybe you knew?


So of course he was Ash Ketchum for Halloween.

Ash Ketchum is a rather subtle costume though, because really he just looks like a little boy. Hmmm... Logan kinda looks like a little boy too. What to make to define Ash?

This is what I came up with:

Logan wanted to be Ash from the first few seasons of Pokemon which meant that I needed to make him look like this:

Ash wears a blue vest. Well, that wouldn't do for Halloween in Winnipeg. I decided to make a full coat. I copied it the best I could except that I made a hood and full sleeves. The coat is also lined in fleece so that Logan can use it as a real coat - which I'm happy to say he has. He's been wearing this coat everywhere for a few weeks now. Phew! I'm glad he approves.

I even got the yellow faux snaps as decoration on the top of the zipper and the yellow accents on the pockets. I put yellow accents on the sleeves as elbow patches as well because I figured that's what they might look like if Ash's vest became a coat.

I ordered a first season Pokemon hat off of eBay earlier in the year so Logan had the proper hat. I then ran out on Halloween day and got him a black t-shirt to wear underneath. The trainer fingerless mitts were crocheted in the two-tone green colour earlier this month. Logan refuses to wear actual jeans because they never fit properly and make him uncomfortable. So I made him a pair of fake jeans by finding the lightest denim I could find and then making them as elastic waisted pants that Logan favours.

Pikachu you already know about. Logan also has a Pikachu backpack (also ordered off of eBay) that he wore to collect candy in for trick or treating.

Just because I really love making Halloween costumes and I thought that Logan might get a kick out of this, I also made him a Pokemon badge case and the first season badges that Ash earned on the show.

I glued the pieces of felt together and mounted them on pinbacks.

- Boulder Badge (Grey)
- Cascade Badge (Water Drop)
- Thunder Badge (Yellow and orange)
- Rainbow Badge (Multi-coloured)
- Marsh Badge (Yellow Circle)
- Soul Badge (Pink Heart)
- Volcano Badge (Red and Pink)
- Earth Badge (Green)

I know that this case wouldn't be seen as part of the costume while Logan was trick or treating, but I couldn't help myself. Gotta keep with the detail of the costume as much as possible. :D

Well... that's the best I could do to make Logan into Ash Ketchum. I think the costume worked even in its subtlety. What do you think?

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May Line Guilger Scene said...

I love this Ash Ketchum costume! Very beautiful!