Thursday, 9 October 2014

Project Project Runway Challenge #11: The Highest Bidder

This week's challenge:

"Create a look from found items around your home. You can use fabric that is in other things like old clothing, but do not use fabric from your fabric stash. Make sure to make fashion and not a costume." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

One of our neighbours dropped off a box full of weird Halloween stuff and other oddball items on the weekend. Not sure what we were supposed to do with all that stuff, but this strange hat stuck out as a good thing to take apart and make into an outfit for this project.

Ugly French Birthday hat.

I took the yellow candles apart and came up with this.

Lane's Princess Celestia Equestria Doll is modeling a pretty yellow dress. I used the rose from the hat to adorn the middle and the trim stuff from the hat to edge the bottom of the skirt.

I know that yellow dresses have gotten a bad review on Project Runway before, so I'm sure the colour choice is what is going to be the point of focus here. But I really just didn't like the green or the blue of the other candles. And the white from that hat would make my model look like she was wearing a towel.

And notice that the dress matches the model's makeup? Yup, I think I can defend yellow as my colour choice.  And her boots work pretty well with the whole look as well without looking too matchy matchy.

The whole thing kind of gives off a 70s disco dancing dress kinda feel - which the judges will understand is definitely part of my design aesthetic.

So maybe I'm safe this week.


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kat said...

Oh, I am just imaging the feel of the fabric of that hat, yikes! Yup, the yellow was your best choice & looks good on your model.