Thursday, 2 October 2014

Project Project Runway Challenge #10: Muse on The Street

This week's challenge:

"On the show the designers were sent to a park where they had to pick someone to be their muse and convince them to have a complete makeover. For our purposes, we are asking you to pick a muse from your life, it can be a friend, family member or even yourself, anyone you think could use a fashion makeover. Then design a new look for them." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I was thinking about how difficult it would be for someone like me who is terrified of talking to strangers at a park let alone asking them to be my muse for a fashion challenge.


So I thought about the people I would meet in my local park across the street from my house. I would definitely run into my neighbour Elaine. She is such a sweetie. She would be walking her two dogs (one at a time unless she wanted them to walk her hehehe).

She has a bohemian 70s style that I dig, so I chose her for my muse.

This is what I came up with for her. Sorta 70s style. Sorta nautical.

A flared navy blue pant, an easy knit top with bell sleeves and big chunky red infinity scarf.

I think this outfit would do well on a runway. The judges would be impressed with the sewing. Nina would probably call me on making another pair of flared pants and say that no matter how many of them I send down the runway, they are NOT coming back into fashion. I would take the criticism with grace all while screaming in my head that I hate hate hate skinny legged pants so much. hehehe

And even the back turned out pretty well. The pants snap and the t-shirt is stretchy knit so it pulls on well without any tiny closures needed. Yay! Lane appreciated this look but really wanted me to make a dress - a pink one - again. hehehe.

I wonder what my neighbour would think about this look since I made it with her as a muse? I guess I'll post it on my Facebook page and find out. *nervous*

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kat said...

Yeah, I think I'd need a couple of drinks before running around asking strangers. Though maybe being with a camera crew helped! I think your look is very editorial, colors that pop, graphic, interesting shapes....