Thursday, 23 October 2014

Project Project Runway #13: The Finale

This week's challenge:

"Create a collection inspired by the ancient city of Rome. On the show they needed to create 10 pieces, for our purposes you can design are many pieces as you like or one look that would be the showstopper finale of your show." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I thought about Rome and since I've never been there I had to go with what I saw on the show and what I've seen in books etc.

I was thinking about the ancient-ness of the city and decided to do a collection inspired by the first beginnings of woman all the way up to the modern girl.

Yipes, that's a lot of work with though.

Here's what I came up with:

I chose to do a three look collection with faux furs and leather as my main fabrics.

Let's start with my modern "cavegirl" look. All wrapped up in faux sheep wool with leather ties.

Maybe the choice of model was my downfall with this look. Ariel's red hair is screaming Wilma Flintstone at me. Oh well.

Next we have a long leather skirt. I was inspired by the luxurious long gowns that women were sure to have worn to balls in Rome. Then I westerned it up a bit with the leather. I topped it with a skimpy wool top. I think this would definitely be my show stopper look at the end.

I really like the proportions of this outfit. Not too overwhelming, but still looks expensive and fashionable.

Next we have Aurora in a pilot jacket inspired outfit. Actually I cut the leather from a jacket that was given to Logan when we was a baby. I kept some of the features in the collection, like the snap you see at the bottom of the skirt and Sally's long leather skirt actually zips up in the back using the original zipper that was at the sleeve of the jacket.

I didn't do pants with this collection! That would have surprised the judges for sure. I'm usually all over the separates. And I still am... just no pants this time.

All in all I think the collection is definitely cohesive. Maybe a little bit to matchy matchy but I'll say that the rest of my imagined collection would have different fabrics (although they would stay true to the natural stuff that woman have been making their clothes out of since the beginning of time).

I think that even my cavegirl looks modern and I really like all these pieces. It's a very westernized take on Rome though. I would have to defend it pretty well as my interpretation of the ancientness of the city. Still very lux and definitely me. 

What do you think? Would it show well at fashion week?

To see all the of showstopper looks by the Project Project Runway designers, check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

I never saw Wilma until you mentioned it in that look! I think you did fabulous! And seeing the whole leather look close up, I'm tied now between it and the one with the long skirt.