Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Iron Craft #20: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

This week's challenge:

"Every week I find the projects from the other Iron Crafters so inspiring and I always see new things I want to try. So, for this challenge we want you to find your inspiration from a past Iron Crafters project. You can do your project exactly how they did or put your own spin to it." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I agree! There are always so many cool projects from the Iron Crafters that I want to try out. It was super difficult to choose.

I finally let Lane decide for me. I was looking through the Iron Craft Flickr Group at all the photos from all the challenges, and one of them caught Lane's eye while she was playing near the computer.

This is a project by Iron Crafter Mirimam. At the time she made this cool little baby doll cradle that turns into a purse I didn't know how to crochet. But now I can! yay!

So I came up with this one.

Hmmm seems I forgot to make a little blanket for poor Toad. I ended up giving Lane one of the first "sampler" crochet pieces I made when I was practicing the basic stitches to use as a blanket.

And it wraps up into a neat little cupcake purse. Mirimam says that these were originally made for church going to keep little girls busy during long sermons. Hah! Good idea! I'll have to remember to bring ours with us when I know we'll be waiting for a long time at a doctor's office or something.

Lane loves to fold and unfold her little cradle surprise. She's replaced Toad with a tiny fairy baby doll that she much prefers to carry around.

Ooops! I didn't do a very good job of photographing this purse to look like a regular cupcake. It's so lopsided. Oh well.

Anyhoo... I am really happy with this project and I thank Mirimam for the inspiration!

To see all of the Iron Crafters projects, check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

A great inspiration challenge. I should really pose this one more often as there were so many things I wanted to do too.