Sunday, 19 October 2014

Corn Maze 2014 - Autumn Fun

A couple of weekends ago, we made our annual trip over to the Corn Maze.

It was a bright sunny day, but cool enough not to be able to wear shorts. Which we found out is a good thing. Last year we went to the maze too early and it was super warm. We were all wearing shorts and all got cut up legs from climbing on the hay bales. :( This year was much more appropriate corn maze weather.

We didn't do too badly on finding the various survival things we needed to find throughout the maze. I think we ended up with 6 out 8.

The kids climbed to the top of the hay bales. It was a busy day, so I couldn't manage a photo with them at the top. But they were nice enough to sit down and pose for this one. The wind was blowing hay pieces right into their faces in this shot, so I'm surprised they let me take it.

Lane visited her favourite part of the corn maze fun - the petting zoo. Lane has such a strong bond with animals. She's so gentle and nurturing. Makes me wish we would work on finishing our fence so that we can get her a puppy.

The pumpkin crop was plentiful and made for a beautiful backdrop for photos.

By the end of our little adventure, you can see that Logan has about had it with photos. Oh well. His silly "I don't wanna stand here and pose" face is even funnier and better than the serious photos we took. Love it!

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