Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Snorlax Pokemon Pencil Case

Logan's class didn't include a pencil case this year. I thought it kinda strange, but didn't bother with getting him one if he didn't need it. Some teachers take all the supplies and pt them in a "classroom" container and students draw from it when they need to replenish supplies.

Turns out that the teacher made a mistake and forgot to put a pencil case on the list of supplies. Logan had all of his pencils, pens, etc in a Ziplock bag in his desk since the beginning of the school year.


I got right on making a pencil case for him. I took some boring green canvas and made a zipper pouch. It would do I guess, but it wasn't very special.

So I decided to dig out all of my felt and make something a little better for my little guy.

Here's what I came up with:


Hehehe. I looked through Logan's Pokemon book and decided that Snorlax was easy, recognizable and big enough to fit over the entire pencil case.

I think he turned out pretty cute (although I do admit that those feet kinda look like boobies to me - and a few others I'm sure. ACK! Boobies with claws! NOOOOOOO!)

Anyhoo... Logan took it to school and Snorlax has been busy munching on pencils, pens, markers, erasers, etc. I think it's a good relationship. Snorlax can eat all he wants and Logan has a place to store all his school crap. Yay!

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