Thursday, 18 September 2014

Project Project Runway Challenge #8: Rainway

This week's challenge:

"Create an avant garde look that can stand up to rain. The look needs to be cutting edge and forward thinking. Can your model handle the rain?!" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Ooooh I get to work with oilcloth!

I love all my pretty patterned oil cloth and it's the best thing to stand up to rain in my opinion.

So, here's what I came up with:

OK... OK... so it's not very avant garde.

It's really just a pretty dress.

I had the idea to make it into a huge flower looking thing with stems and vines kind of sticking out of it and a huge skirt in the shape of petals. But I just wasn't feeling it. I don't know, I just think that it's been done before and probably better than I could have imagined it. So I admit I played it safe.

It is a really pretty oil cloth dress though. Want a trick for sewing oilcloth? Use all of those fast food napkins that you've collected (you know what I mean, most restaurants put tons of those things in the bag with a take out order). Wrap the seams in the napkins and sew. Your machine will glide without getting gummed up and stuck with the stickiness of the oilcloth. Then when you're done the seam, just pull the napkin off. Easy peasy.

Sea World Barbie was the perfect choice for this special type of Runway show. She didn't mind the rain shower at all.

And the skirt is sparkly and fun. I added sequins in the shape of leaves to the bottom of the hems.

All in all I think the judges will give me a pass. The dress is at least pretty and fun and stands up to rain. It's not really avant garde, but it's shiny so it might distract Heidi at least.


And the back isn't as bad a mess as last week! Yay!

To see all the Rainway designs, check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

You did such a good job sewing this fabric and getting a nice shape, I know it isn't easy and this scale makes it even trickier!