Thursday, 11 September 2014

Project Project Runway #7: Priceless Runway

This week's challenge:

"Use a piece of Chopard jewelry as your inspiration for an extravagant evening look that would be worn to a gala or other special event. This is your moment to wow the judges and pull out all the stops." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I chose a very difficult fabric to work with at this scale. My goodness! I remember using this fabric for Lane's Christmas dress last year and it was fraying everywhere and such a pain. It's even worse when working in doll size!

But the dress itself turned out rather nice:

I chose this necklace from the Chopard collection.

I think the interesting sleeves "frame" the necklace really well.

And the whole look is shiny and clingy in all the proper places.

Rapunzel has a ton of hair to deal with and it kept getting stuck in the Velcro used to close the neck piece. It shouldn't be such a mess, but I was continually fitting this model and had to keep pulling more hair out of the neck piece :(

I think she looks red carpet ready though. And there is one benefit to her hair being so long - it hides the mess of a back.  I had a little problem with the "zipper". I didn't want to sew her into the dress and the fabric frayed so much that I didn't have much to work with and sew the Velcro to. So her dress ended up being slightly too small. Yipes, I really had to pull her into it!

Oh well. I think the judges will give me a pass because the dress isn't boring. It has an interesting concept with the frame for the jewelry. And it's shiny and clingy. I bet Heidi would want to wear it.

To see all of the red carpet looks the Project Project Runway designers have come up with to show off fancy jewelry, please check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

Oh those sheddy fabrics are the worst at this scale! It looks very neat from the front though for sure. I certainly couldn't show the back of my dress ;)