Thursday, 4 September 2014

Project Project Runway #6: Rock The Wedding

This week's challenge: "Shake off tradition and create an alternative wedding dress. There are no rules so unleash your creativity, but make sure it is believable for a bride and not a costume.Bonus, also create a reception look that corresponds with the dress. This is optional for PPR because we don’t have teammates to help." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I thought about this one for a long time. Maybe I was still a bit shaken from my disaster of a dress last week. I finally decided to make a wedding dress for a good ole country girl.

I gotta say. I think I nailed it this time. I really thought about what a country girl would like to wear for her wedding. Something elegant, yet down home. I went with the beige lace to give it a little vintage feel. I went with a deep wine/purple coloured silk underneath.

A plunging neckline cinched in with a corset belt. I added ties on the outside of the belt for a more country feel without being a huge belt buckle.

I think she would be comfortable wearing her fave pair of cowgirl boots and her cowgirl hat with this dress as accessories.

And for the reception?

She'd be part saloon girl now wouldn't she?

Still using the same fabrics, I changed the look up enough so that you know it's the same girl at the same wedding, but just a little more ready to party.

The judges might not like the artsy craftsy approach I took with this shredded rose on the front, but I think it adds to the country look perfectly. And those same boots and hat she wore to her wedding would look awesome with this dress as well.

I love this! I would totally get married in this - and I'm not even a real country fan.

I think it turned out elegant and classic for the wedding and fun and country saloonish for the reception. And the judges would definitely appreciate the amount of thought I put into designing for a particular girl.

The sewing was a bit difficult for two sizes of models this week, but Lane insisted that Princess Rose needed to marry Ken... like... tomorrow. And Tinkerbell was her maid of honour.


What do you think? Would I be safe this week?

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kat said...

Oh that belt! that is some good work there! I think you are totally in. Your looks are well made, have a story & fit the same girl. I can totally see a barn dance reception for the reception dress!