Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Iron Craft #18: "C" Is For....

This week's challenge:

"Let’s do another alphabet challenge! This time you need to create a project based on the letter “C”. That means either the technique, main supply, color or content needs to begin with a “C”. This is an easy one for you guys really…." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

So... uh... I've been totally in (C)rochet lately. I figured that any project I did with crochet would be the one I did for this Iron Craft Challenge.

But that wouldn't make it much of a challenge now would it?

I still decided to do crochet. But I challenged myself by learning a new stitch - the basket weave stitch.

Here is my Crocheted Barbie Clothes Container

If you follow this blog regularly then you know that I also participate in the Project Project Runway challenge (also brought to you by Just Crafty Enough). Every week during the airing of Project Runway we challenge ourselves to the same design challenges, only in miniature - for Barbie sized dolls.

This season I've challenged myself further by trying to make all of my clothes with all the fasteners and Velcro I can muster to make them reusable. It means that I've got a growing collection of Barbie fashion! I need some place to put all of the fun dresses. When I saw that pattern for this basket, I thought it would be the perfect thing to store all those clothes!

I added a bunch of decorations that kind of went with the theme - a high heeled shoe, a ballerina dress and a pretty girl face. Lane loves this new basket.

The Barbies were placed inside the basket to check out their new closet. They weren't sure their precious clothes should be shoved inside a basket instead of put on display somewhere. But I told them it was either the clothes or them and they changed their minds pretty quickly. ;P

The basket is very large and worked in rounds. I held 2 pieces of yarn together to make a chunky, sturdy look. Actually, you can see that I ran out of the variegated whitish-blue colour at the top and had to switch out for blue. Then I ran out of grey for the handles and had to resort to straight blue. But I think it looks like I might have planned that - so it's OK.

I like the way this turned out. Hopefully I won't find the clothes strewn all over the floor because Lane has found some other use for this basket. But, really, I totally expect that to happen. Might have to make a few more. They would make really cute trash cans as well.

To see all of the Iron Crafters' "C" projects, check out the Flickr Group.

Link to my project on Ravelry - along with the link to the pattern I used in case you wanna learn the basket weave stitch as well.

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kat said...

I whole bunch of these to store all different things sounds like something you might need to work on...because you know, you need more projects ;)