Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Wasps Never Saw it Coming (Neither Did We)

Terry came home one day after work all pumped up and ready to fight a war.

A war against the wasps that had taken up residence in our compost bin.

Those jerks! They never saw this coming.

ACK! We never saw this coming either. Terry actually made me plastic wrap everywhere he thought a wasp might get in including around his head. Now that is an extreme war soldier suit if I ever saw one.

We watched  from the comfort and safety of Lane's room while Terry pulled up the compost bin and ran away from the swarm.


He then tried to dig the nest out with a snow shovel. As you probably guessed, he couldn't see very well under all that "armor"? so he ended up just shoveling where he thought it might be and shoving it into a garbage bag.

The children thought this was highly entertaining and watched from the peanut gallery in a flurry of giggles and cheering for their dad.

When it was obvious that he couldn't see if he got the whole nest, he resorted to spraying the f$%k out of everything. If you can't get the wasps any other way, you gotta poison the daylights out of them.

My goodness - what a mess of leaves and compost! And yes... I spent the last year building up that nice compost and it was ruined in about 5 minutes. *sigh*

Wasps are huge jerkwads!

The loudest cheers came when the poison was released on those pesky buggers. Those douche pickles, those asshats, those miserable sons of bitches, etc, etc.

So in closing, screw you wasps!

Terry 1: Wasps 0

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