Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Setting Lake Trip 2014

I'm cheaping out and doing a photo blog today to show you our annual trip to see the grandparents at their cottage at Setting Lake in Northern Manitoba.

I'm sick with a miserable cough... again.

I'm not feeling up to posting blogs. But if I let this go too long, then I won't do it. And Terry is probably anxiously awaiting the moment when I finally post the photos.

So here goes...

We always stop at the Chicken Chef in Ashern. Lane declares this particular restaurant her favourite. And it has to be this location. No other Chicken Chef will do.

Sandy beach.

And then about a billion photos on the boat. We spent most of our holiday fishing. Logan caught a few. I caught a few. Terry caught a few. Grandparents caught a few. And Lane was our little helper - running back and forth in the boat getting snacks, passing around minnows and spreading her good luck and shining personality around. And all that shining personality helped! We caught lots of fish and had lovely weather the whole time.

I particularly love the pose above. Perfect fisherman's pose. Relaxed... possibly asleep with the pole in the water.

We also spent some time at the beach and took a photo in front of an old creepy trappers cabin.

The people who were previously enjoying the beach had started a little fire. It didn't take too much for Grandpa to revive it. The day was super warm and we didn't have anything to cook, but it was nice to look at. :)

My brother saw this photo on Facebook and said that the heart shaped sunglasses mean serious fishing. Damn straight! hehehe

Back to school next week. Oy! The summer has gone by so fast. Waaaahhhhh! I don't want it to end.

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