Thursday, 7 August 2014

Project Project Runway Challenge 2: Unconventional Movie Night

This week's challenge was an unconventional materials challenge - already!

"Use movie and movie experience items to create a movie inspired look. This included ideas found in a concession stand plus those used by people who make movies in things like the lighting, costume, and props departments. (The items on the show included things like rope, colored tape, plastic flowers, chain, hard hats, colored plastic sheets, marquee letters, candy, straws, popcorn containers, scripts, CDs, colored wire and 3D glasses.) Remember the judges do not react well to using supplies that are too close to actual fabric. Also don’t make anything that looks to costumey!" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I asked Lane to save her cup from the movies we went to on Saturday. She didn't even blink when I said that I was going to make Barbie clothes out of it. She was all in!

I fashioned a corset out of my blue cup and Lane's orange cup. I used theatre tape (duck tape) to "stitch" it together. Then I took apart an old VHS tape and pulled out all its guts heehehehe. I brushed off my macrame skills and I started tying the knots.

And tying the knots and tying the knots.  This skirt took me a couple of hours. But it looks really cool and I think the judges respond to making your own textile out of weird materials.

I then added more cup pieces woven into the skirt. I think they give it that "rings of saturn" kind of look. And we all know the Aurora is a little spacey hehehe. I thought it was funny that Aurora decided to come back right at the unconventional challenge where I made her wear a weird crispy VHS tape skirt. It sure does sound cool when it swishes.

This look came together better than I had hoped. I think I would definitely be safe this week.

Even if Aurora looks a little bag lady-ish. The VHS tape looked a little more like trash bags than I originally thought it would.

Even the back looks nice. Unfortunately, this one is not re wearable. The skirt might untie and be removable, but the corset is taped together. I doubt Lane will want to keep this outfit in the Barbie closet anyway.

The corset turned out really neat. I cut the bubbles picture out of the cups and make them into "cups". Spacey!

I chose a pretty blue bag from the Aldo Accessory Wall. It may be a little matchy matchy, but I really like it.

So there you have it! Another unconventional challenge in the bag!

Want to see what crazy stuff the other Project Project Runway designers have come up with? Check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

Great job. The corset really used the pattern on the cups well and knitting of the video tape makes for a really cool effect I think the judges would be impressed!