Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Iron Craft 17: Blue Ribbon Worthy - My 1st Crocheted Afghan

This week's challenge:

"The State Fair is a big deal here in Minnesota, the food, the animals and the competitions! It’s only a week away and that has me excited, so we are going to repeat a challenge we did a few years back that was a lot of fun. Create a project that you could enter into one of the competitions at the MN State Fair. You can choose from any of the categories." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

OK... so I cheated slightly.

I started this particular project while in the car on the long drive to Alberta in July. But I finished this project during the time allotted for this challenge. And, let's be honest, making something blue ribbon worthy is gonna take longer than 2 weeks.

I decided to take part in The Crochet Crowd's Summer Stitchcation Afghan Challenge. I started with the first block while on the road on July 11th. I finished on August 18th (within our Iron Craft challenge deadline). Woo!

It just so happens that this afghan fits into the "Crocheted Afghan - modular - squares other than traditional granny squares" category.

So... a little bit about this particular afghan.

I've named it "The Roads of South Saskatchewan". Originally I had a box of 9 different colours of yarn in the back of the car. When I got going, I realized that I had chosen all of the colours that I was seeing out the window. Beautiful green pastures, colours of wheat, alfalfa, canola, the dark green of the trees and the dark brown soil in the Palliser's triangle. So I got to thinking that I should be a little artsy with this afghan. So after I finished all of the blocks, I added the trans-Canada highways in attaching strips. Then I bound the entire thing in the bright blue of the beautiful sky above this very Saskatchewan scene.

The afghan is made from 20 blocks - 2 of each new crochet stitch. I screwed up a few of them but kept going and made it into something pretty decent. The kids have been using it as a play rug. They've been pushing their motorcycles and trucks down the roads and have placed their toy animals and "barn" in the fields. :D

What do you think? Blue ribbon worthy?

Maybe not. But really awesome for my first attempt at a full sized afghan!

To check out all the other blue ribbon worthy projects from the Iron Crafters, click over to the Flickr Group.


kat said...

I really love how you did the roads and all the thought behind the meaning of this.

Dr. Russ said...

Really spectacular and I love the meaning you have attributed to it. Well done