Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Iron Craft 16: Summer Whites - Lambie from Doc McStuffins

This week's challenge:

"It’s time for another color challenge (or would this technically be a lack of color challenge). Anyway, create something showcasing the color white. You can use other colors in the project, but white should be the main color." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Ever since I made Pikachu for Logan a few weeks ago, Lane has been patiently waiting for her turn at Tawny's Toy Factory. When I read that this week's challenge was "whites" I knew that Lambie was the perfect project to dig into.

Lambie is a character from a kids TV show called Doc McStuffins.

This is what Lambie looks like for those without little girls obsessed with Doc McStuffins.

I didn't find a pattern for her. I looked online and found a few toys that were for sale, but I'd rather make a homemade stuffie. So I made up my own again.

Lane and I went to the fabric store. I had originally thought that I would make Lambie out of white towels bought at the thrift store. Cheap and fluffy like a lamb. But when we were looking around Fabricland, we found a fabric called Baby Lamb. It was so soft and, well, lamb-ish that I couldn't help myself. And it was on sale so how could I argue?

I got work on embroidering the face first. I showed Lane an open and closed mouth look and she decided that she liked the felt, open mouth look best. I embroidered it on a pale pink piece of fabric that I actually did buy at the thrift store.

I had pink fleece on hand and we purchased some jumbo ric rac at the fabric store to put around her wrists and ankles.

The pink shiny stuff for the skirt also came from the thrift store. It came in a bag of fabric and there wasn't much of it. Lane has been itching for me to make it into something for her for a long time now. It's not quite the sheer stuff that Lambie's skirt appears to be made of, but Lane insisted that it was perfect for her Lambie. I agree.

And Laney love Lambie with all her heart. Lambie has already made a cozy spot in Lane's bed for herself. As I'm writing this blog post, Lane is laying on the couch with Lambie watching Doc McStuffins together. Adorable.

What do you think? Does she look close to the original? I think she's a bit of a glam version of the original, which suits my Laney just right.

To check out all of the summer whites from the Iron Crafters, click on the link to the Flickr Group.


kat said...

I think it is perfect and so amazing that you came up with the pattern yourself! You just amaze me with your toys.

Dr. Russ said...

I agree. It is PERFECT. I am so glad that I traveled to your blog to read the post because it really is amazing to me that you did this from scratch. Well done, all around.