Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Wasps Never Saw it Coming (Neither Did We)

Terry came home one day after work all pumped up and ready to fight a war.

A war against the wasps that had taken up residence in our compost bin.

Those jerks! They never saw this coming.

ACK! We never saw this coming either. Terry actually made me plastic wrap everywhere he thought a wasp might get in including around his head. Now that is an extreme war soldier suit if I ever saw one.

We watched  from the comfort and safety of Lane's room while Terry pulled up the compost bin and ran away from the swarm.


He then tried to dig the nest out with a snow shovel. As you probably guessed, he couldn't see very well under all that "armor"? so he ended up just shoveling where he thought it might be and shoving it into a garbage bag.

The children thought this was highly entertaining and watched from the peanut gallery in a flurry of giggles and cheering for their dad.

When it was obvious that he couldn't see if he got the whole nest, he resorted to spraying the f$%k out of everything. If you can't get the wasps any other way, you gotta poison the daylights out of them.

My goodness - what a mess of leaves and compost! And yes... I spent the last year building up that nice compost and it was ruined in about 5 minutes. *sigh*

Wasps are huge jerkwads!

The loudest cheers came when the poison was released on those pesky buggers. Those douche pickles, those asshats, those miserable sons of bitches, etc, etc.

So in closing, screw you wasps!

Terry 1: Wasps 0

Friday, 29 August 2014

Katy Perry - Winnipeg - 2014

This past Tuesday evening, I took a 5 year old to a Katy Perry concert.

Yes. I thought I was crazy too.

But then I saw that most of Lane's pre-school classmates were there as well.

So maybe I wasn't so crazy and possible, just possibly, I'm the coolest mommy EVAR!

To get ready for the Katy concert, Lane and I made a trip to Michaels for very sparkly tulle. We needed tutus!

Pretty! We also made a trip to the Dollar store and ogled over the Halloween aisle. We found some fingerless gloves in neon pink for Lane and neon green for me. And some neon coloured hair extensions as well.

(Logan was having a fantastic time photo bombing out pre-show pictures. And Terry's shadow seems to have had the same idea hehehe)

The photos of the tutus were really hard to take. The sun was shining so bright in our living room that they kinda got lost in the glare. (There's Logan photo bombing again).

Here is a photo of the tutus after I made them. Boy did they shed sparkly glitter EVERYWHERE. I vacuumed and washed and still there is glitter everywhere. I am finding little bits of glitter on the kids and Terry still and probably will for days and days more.

After making the first tutu I was totally covered in the glitter. EEEEEEP!!!

MTS Centre didn't know what was going to hit it. There were so many girls at the concert and so much glitter everywhere.

I had to get a photo of our chairs at MTS centre after we sat down. Yipes! And I think there was a Linkin Park concert the next night. I'm sure their fans really appreciated the copious amounts of glitter. But Katy fans sure appreciated our efforts. We got tons of compliments on our glitter tutus and saw so many fantastic sparkly costumes.

Check out the stage. Pretty cool eh?

We stood in line forever and got a t-shirt. Of course, Lane is little and they didn't have any youth sizes so she now owns a Katy Perry dress.

We had taken off our tutus and put them safely in a cloth bag for the concert part. It was too difficult to dance and move around without leaving a trail of sparkles behind us and on everyone around us (including the dad who was obviously there to chaperone 4 teenage girls who was sitting right in front of us).

 There was a cute tween sitting next to us who had a #1 Fan poster to hold up during the show. Lane thought that was pretty awesome. Actually, I think Lane was enjoying every single moment of her first concert experience.

Here is a selfie we took while waiting for Katy to come on stage.

They were handing out Prismatic glasses to wear during Firework for an extra special treat. The lights were set up to create a pile of bright, prism-rainbow effects while wearing the glasses.

I tried to take a few pics of the concert, but I was never really good at it. I was busy making sure Lane could see, that it wasn't too loud (I brought earplugs for Lane's young ears) and that she wasn't too sick. The poor girl had my cough and really didn't want to miss anything even though she was clearly suffering.

We didn't quite make it through the entire concert. Lane was so sleepy and overwhelmed that we decided to duck out early at 10:30. Lane was so happy and it really was a fantastic concert. Lots of pretty costume changes, songs that Lane knows all the words to, and circus tricks.

Fabulous for Lane's very first concert.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Project Project Runway Challenge 5: The Klum of Doom

This week's challenge:

"Create a look for Heidi to wear on the red carpet at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. This is an elegant and sophisticated event. Blend your point of view with Heidi’s style. She likes unexpected, fashion forward and fearless looks. Do not make her end up on any worst dressed lists!" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I decided that I wanted to make a green dress before I saw Amanda attempt one on the show. I had some really pretty pale green satin in my fabric stash that I thought would be perfect for Heidi's colouring.

Lane, playing the role of Heidi for this challenge, came into my workroom and decided that the green was nice, but it needed blue as well.

What?!! That threw me for a bit of a loop because I had a clean simple design in green all planned out and Lane wanted me to somehow incorporate blue into it?!!

So I went back to "Mood" (my fabric stash) and found some sort of matching pale blue satin.

Then I came up with this:


I realize this look resembles pajamas - fancy pajamas perhaps - but still pajamas.

I was going for a nice pale green dress with gathers at the top (or maybe pleats) and then have it cinch at the waist. Classic.

But then Lane/"Heidi" said stripes would be nice. So I tried to incorporate my design in with what she wanted.

Lane actually really loves this look. I think that the stripes ended up making the fabric too bulky to flow as much as I'd hoped it would. It ended up being more stiff at the top then I would have liked.

And the only thing this dress has that Heidi would like is that it's shiny. It's not slit up to the thigh. It's not open backed.

Bleh. Fail.

Oh well. At least it's sewn properly. It's top stitched and removable! So maybe I would land somewhere near middle/bottom. I'm fine with that this time. I'll pick myself up and start afresh with the next one.

In a funny side note. Lane was busy playing with her dolls yesterday and she had both this model wearing this dress (Barbie Ariel) and her larger Ariel doll playing together. I noticed something alarming about the big Ariel's dress and now understand why Lane was so insistent on Blue and Green together.

Bwahahahaha. And I can now see why stripes were so important as well.

I hate to admit it, but the toy company designed a better dress this time. :(

Anyhoo.... check out all the other Project Project Runway creations for Heidi in the Flickr Group.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Setting Lake Trip 2014

I'm cheaping out and doing a photo blog today to show you our annual trip to see the grandparents at their cottage at Setting Lake in Northern Manitoba.

I'm sick with a miserable cough... again.

I'm not feeling up to posting blogs. But if I let this go too long, then I won't do it. And Terry is probably anxiously awaiting the moment when I finally post the photos.

So here goes...

We always stop at the Chicken Chef in Ashern. Lane declares this particular restaurant her favourite. And it has to be this location. No other Chicken Chef will do.

Sandy beach.

And then about a billion photos on the boat. We spent most of our holiday fishing. Logan caught a few. I caught a few. Terry caught a few. Grandparents caught a few. And Lane was our little helper - running back and forth in the boat getting snacks, passing around minnows and spreading her good luck and shining personality around. And all that shining personality helped! We caught lots of fish and had lovely weather the whole time.

I particularly love the pose above. Perfect fisherman's pose. Relaxed... possibly asleep with the pole in the water.

We also spent some time at the beach and took a photo in front of an old creepy trappers cabin.

The people who were previously enjoying the beach had started a little fire. It didn't take too much for Grandpa to revive it. The day was super warm and we didn't have anything to cook, but it was nice to look at. :)

My brother saw this photo on Facebook and said that the heart shaped sunglasses mean serious fishing. Damn straight! hehehe

Back to school next week. Oy! The summer has gone by so fast. Waaaahhhhh! I don't want it to end.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Iron Craft 17: Blue Ribbon Worthy - My 1st Crocheted Afghan

This week's challenge:

"The State Fair is a big deal here in Minnesota, the food, the animals and the competitions! It’s only a week away and that has me excited, so we are going to repeat a challenge we did a few years back that was a lot of fun. Create a project that you could enter into one of the competitions at the MN State Fair. You can choose from any of the categories." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

OK... so I cheated slightly.

I started this particular project while in the car on the long drive to Alberta in July. But I finished this project during the time allotted for this challenge. And, let's be honest, making something blue ribbon worthy is gonna take longer than 2 weeks.

I decided to take part in The Crochet Crowd's Summer Stitchcation Afghan Challenge. I started with the first block while on the road on July 11th. I finished on August 18th (within our Iron Craft challenge deadline). Woo!

It just so happens that this afghan fits into the "Crocheted Afghan - modular - squares other than traditional granny squares" category.

So... a little bit about this particular afghan.

I've named it "The Roads of South Saskatchewan". Originally I had a box of 9 different colours of yarn in the back of the car. When I got going, I realized that I had chosen all of the colours that I was seeing out the window. Beautiful green pastures, colours of wheat, alfalfa, canola, the dark green of the trees and the dark brown soil in the Palliser's triangle. So I got to thinking that I should be a little artsy with this afghan. So after I finished all of the blocks, I added the trans-Canada highways in attaching strips. Then I bound the entire thing in the bright blue of the beautiful sky above this very Saskatchewan scene.

The afghan is made from 20 blocks - 2 of each new crochet stitch. I screwed up a few of them but kept going and made it into something pretty decent. The kids have been using it as a play rug. They've been pushing their motorcycles and trucks down the roads and have placed their toy animals and "barn" in the fields. :D

What do you think? Blue ribbon worthy?

Maybe not. But really awesome for my first attempt at a full sized afghan!

To check out all the other blue ribbon worthy projects from the Iron Crafters, click over to the Flickr Group.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Project Project Runway Challenge 4: A Suitable Twist

This week's challenge:

"Use a classic men’s suit as your inspiration and fabric to create a high fashion look. You are using the jacket and pants from your suit and that fabric must be apparent in your look." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I was so excited for this challenge. Kat from Just Crafty Enough who is the host of Project Project Runway played the role of Sandyha and chose Ken suits for all the designers.

This crazy blue velvet suit came in the mail for me early last week.

I tried to get my Ken to model the suit. But my Ken is the beefy 1980s Ken and these new streamline "thin Ken" clothes wouldn't fit. :(

The suit jacket fit enough if he didn't move his arms too much, but the pants wouldn't go on. Here he is seen taking Sally (my model from last week) out on a date. Lane says they are going to get married tomorrow.


This is what I came up with:

I chose Pencil as my model this time because she has the smallest frame and I wanted to get the most out of my suit.

The top is made from putting Ken's shirt collar backwards on the front. I then patchworked the shirt, the pants in the middle and the velvet from the suit jacket along the bottom.

I was actually on holidays this week. We drove up to northern Manitoba to visit with my inlaws and go fishing. So I had to sew this look by hand in the car on the long 9 hour drive home yesterday. I don't think I did too badly considering.

The pants are my favourite part of this look. I look the sleeves from the velvet suit jacket and made them into pants legs. They were actually slightly too small for Pencil's legs so I had to take out the small seam allowance to the very edge to get them to fit. I then used pieces of the pants to make the top. These pants are closed by velcro and can actually come off and on. The top does as well.

Even the headband is fastened with Velcro so that miss Laney can play. Although I think this outfit will only fit on Pencil and maybe Amber. The headband was made from a strip of the pants and the bowtie from the suit.

There are no supplemental fabrics used only because I got on a roll with the suit. There is very little of the suit left though. I should have taken a photo of the scraps I left in the side panel of the car - yipes! Not that many.

For the accessories, I chose some nude coloured shoes. I think Pencil is a little concerned about her short height and wanted to appear taller, so nude was the perfect shoe. And of course the headband that I made makes her cute pixie cut pop.

I think Zac would say that my look isn't high fashion enough. Kind of patchwork artsy craftsy sportswear. Although they loved Amanda's patchwork look so who knows? The judges all loved the pants and wish I had not covered them up with such a junior top. But the collar detail at the top was kind of interesting.

What do you think? Would I be safe? At least I didn't put strange fabric at the end of my capris to put off the judges. :)

To check out all of the suitable looks this week from the Project Project Runway designers, please click over to the Flickr Group.