Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Team LT Goes on Vacation Part 4: Waterton

Actually... if I were to tell the truth, this post should be called Cameron Lake. That lake is what everyone is going to remember anyway....

On Monday of our vacation we decided to head to Waterton. Originally, all the family was going to go. Then every single one of them backed out. That left us on our own for the day and we weren't skipping a chance to show the kids the Rocky Mountains!

We started the day with breakfast with my bestie. Oh my gosh! She's about to pop. I can't wait for baby to arrive!

Look at us - best friends for 29 years now.

We headed out to Waterton and did some tourist things. We ate at some sort of theme restaurant (Trappers ... or something like that). Then we went to the candy store. The kids played at the park for awhile and were fascinated with this deer (and her friend) eating peacefully only metres away from where all the kids were running wild at the park.

Then I figured out by memory where the turn was to get to the falls. Damn - I can't believe I still remember some of this stuff.

Maybe not as spectacular or as big as the falls Terry takes us to near Thompson Manitoba, but really cool because it's running down a freakin' mountain!

But nothing will beat the look on Terry's face when he saw Cameron Lake for the first time. I warned him that it was a twisty ride up the edge of a mountain and it would take awhile to get there but it would be worth it.

We actually drove to Waterton in the winter 10 years ago when we came for a visit, but Cameron Lake was closed off and there were ski trails set up. And Terry only got to see the frozen falls. He still thought it was worth it to see the mountains, but I knew that I needed to show him this lake and I vowed that we would return. I'm so happy that I got to keep my promise.

Terry looked a little worried about the drive, but I assured him it was paved and not like he would be driving on the very edge. He still drove slowly, although I think it was more out of awe of his surroundings than by fear. We stopped a couple of times to let faster drivers go past and took in the scenery. All while in the back of my mind I was screaming with anticipation of what Terry would say when he actually sees the lake.

Cameron Lake is a glacier fed lake surrounded on 3 sides by the Rocky Mountains. It technically is on the very corner of Alberta with parts of it hitting the BC and Montana borders. And IT. IS. STUNNING.

Terry was very quiet when we walked out of the parking lot and he got his first view of the lake. A little smile peaked out from the corners of his mouth. I really do think this is the first time in my life that I've seen Terry at a loss for words. He walked out on the dock with the kids and tested the cold water.

Then we saw that you could rent boats and take a row out onto the lake. Well - that had to be done. We rented a row boat for an hour and my woodsman took his family for the boat ride of a lifetime.

This time we had together as a family in a rowboat on a mountain lake makes me so thankful and blessed to be alive and able to see such majesty and inspiration.

As you may have guessed Cameron Lake was mine and Terry's favourite part of our vacation. I left feeling renewed and just fantastic overall.

We rented the rowboat for an hour. So Terry rowed us out pretty far in 20 minutes. Then we decided to turn around and row back so that we wouldn't be late. The rental fee was a little pricey (because... well... look at that lake!) We didn't want to get charged for another hour though. And poor Terry really had to hustle and turn up the juice on his rowing against the breeze to get us back on time. We had four minutes to spare. phew! We might not have made it back into Lethbridge to have dinner with the family, but it was totally worth it.

Our vacation would have been perfect with just this. We sure have packed a lot of stuff into the few days we were in Alberta. But we weren't done yet. Next time I'll tell you about our trip to Drumheller to visit the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum. Yes - there's more! :D

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This Mom said...

Wow - first of all, the scenery looks beautiful, and second of all, how great to still be best friends after 29 years!

I've never been anywhere in Canada west of Ontario but that's definitely on the list for the future!