Monday, 21 July 2014

Team LT Goes on Vacation Part 3: Sunday

On Sunday during our vacation we didn't have very much planned. My dad was enjoying a day of golf with my brother in law Mark. My brother Davan was content to hang out in his hotel room and watch the Nascar race. So we were pretty much on our own. We were all feeling a little hyper and cranky due to lack of sleep and sitting in the car so much.

We decided to walk from our hotel over to Henderson lake and take in a day at the park.

They've put in a brand new fancy playpark for the kiddies. Super nice. We also walked around the lake a bit and explored the little islands (connected with bridges).

We sat and relaxed and had some ice cream. I remember many times getting ice cream at this very park when I was little.

Then we went to Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens which is located at one end of the lake. The main building was built in Japan in their puzzle architecture styple (no nails), disassembled and then shipped to Canada where it was rebuilt. The reason they built it with no nails is because in Japan they are faced with tsunamis and wicked wind storms. If a building is put together like a puzzle, the boards may creak and shift or even fall apart, but can easily be reassembled. Rather than the more typical nails holding the boards together, which would cause the wood to tear and crack during a storm and eventually be unusable for a rebuild.

There were are on the bridge over a very peaceful gardens. Each flat rock along the edge of the stream was deliberately chosen and placed to encourage an aura of peace and balance.

The kids rang the friendship bell. My parents rang this bell when they got married in the gardens way back in 1976.

Here are the kids and Terry posing in front of the friendship bell.

Here are some of the flat stones that I mentioned above. Each one chosen and placed by hand. Not an easy task in Lethbridge winds! There was also a raked rock garden outside the main house that resembles the same type of rock gardens maintained by monks in Asia. Very beautiful and intricate. Wish I had taken a photo.

After a relaxing morning at the Lake and Gardens, we were invited to my brother's hotel to partake of the swimming pool. Oh my gosh you guys! When I was younger, I dreamed of finding a reason to stay at the Lethbridge Lodge hotel so that I could swim in that pool. It is nestled in a beautiful atrium full of plants (probably most of them are fake). But the whole scene makes me think of somewhere tropical. It's like a dream.

I can't believe we finally got a chance to swim in this pool. Actually, it didn't exactly live up to all my dreams and desires about it, but the whole family had a good time. And I can say that I finally got a swim in this pool off my list of things I wanted to do.

After the swim, we went to visit my great grandmother in the hospital. My grandma Ethel was such a huge part of my life growing up. She's doing just fine and had lots of stories to tell us about when she lived in Winnipeg when she was a kid. I'm so glad that I got to introduce her to the kids.

We had dinner with everyone together and got back to the hotel at a decent time. Good thing too because Monday was the best day of our holiday! I can't wait to tell you all about it - tomorrow! :D

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