Saturday, 19 July 2014

Team Lt Goes on Vacation Part 2: Fort Macleod

After a night in Moose Jaw we drove for a few more hours until we arrived at my home town - Lethbridge Alberta.

We stopped for a bathroom break at the Saskatchewan/Alberta border. There was much hoopla and picture taking from all the families driving through there. A nice lady offered to take a family pic in front of the sign. Don't we look adorable? hehehe

We arrived in Lethbridge, checked into the hotel and went out for dinner with my dad and his girlfriend Shai, and my sister and her husband Mark. Then we all walked out to watch my dad cruise along 3rd Ave for the Street Wheelers weekend. I knew there was a motive when dad suggested we visit Lethbridge during that particular weekend! The kids got a little taste of Lethbridge living by experiencing a whole town set up chairs and snacks along the street to watch classic old and fancy new cars cruise like a parade. Too bad no one thought to throw candy out into the crowd.

The next day we all headed out to Fort Macleod to Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump. Here are the kids in front of a Bison.... er... in Alberta they call them Buffalo, but I did a little research and they are indeed the same animal. Since I've adopted Manitoba as my home, I'll be a good Manitoban and refer to these Buffalo as Bison. So... I guess that means we visited Head Smashed In Bison Jump heehehehe :P

There's Logan exercising his legs at the top of the jump.

Laney and Terry walked along the path and checked out the scenery.

We met my brother Davan and his girlfriend Mary (whom I just met and found to be such a lovely person - I wish I had more time to get to know her) at the jump. On the left is my brother in law Mark (who is also a lovely person whom I've gotten to know over these past few years).

We snapped a rather morbid photo of the kids in front of a bunch of Bison skulls. You know, for the weirdness factor.

After the jump, we headed to the Fort in the town of Fort Macleod. It is set up in the style of the original fort. There are all sorts of displays in each room.

Lane took a ride with an Northwest Mounted Police Man.

Then it was Logan's turn. I actually think it was the website for this fort that I looked at to research Logan's Halloween costume last year. Logan was being a real stickler for detail on his costume and this fort has a few different NWMP uniforms on display.

Inside one of the air conditioned rooms, the kids decided to take a rest and do some crafting. My sister was walking through this room with the kids while I got stuck reading a how-to about the beautiful Aboriginal beading projects that were displayed. I'm totally gonna learn how to do that one day! Auntie Tanjie suggested to the kids that they could make some crafts when they saw them set up at the table. Both kids said "no way" until I finally got around to the table. I suggested the same idea of crafting and both of them jumped on board. Poor Auntie Tanjie said the kids must think that she didn't have as many crafting skills as mommy because they weren't into it until I started figuring it out hehehe. Awwww. They ended up making pretty teepees.

We stuck my brother in jail. Although much to our disappointment, he just put his arm through the bars and unlocked himself. Hmph - some wimpy jail eh? I guess they didn't really need a good jail since most of the "prisoners" they would have had at this fort would be drunkards anyway. :D

Lane fed some very fat goats.

Then it was time to witness the musical ride.

The troops line up for inspection and someone from the audience gets to do the honours.  You can't see from this photo, but the horses actually have an intricate Canadian leaf brushed into their hind flanks. Insane!

The ride was very well done and fascinating to watch. I thought the horses were gonna smash into each other more than once. (A short video of the musical ride is at the end of the post).

And on the way back to the hotel we stopped for ice cream. The entire holiday met us with above 30C temperatures. Phew! It was so hot and wonderful the entire time. Loved it!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about our Sunday in Lethbridge. Stay tuned.

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