Friday, 18 July 2014

Team LT Goes on Vacation Part 1: Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

It's been kinda quiet around here lately hasn't it?

I haven't been neglecting - I promise!

Instead, I've been on vacation with my family. We decided to head to my hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta to see my family and show the kids where mommy grew up.

We packed up the ole wagon and went on our way. The kids made sure they had their favourite stuffies. They were both nervous about going on this holiday. It wasn't our normal travel up to Thompson. We were going into the unknown! ACK!

We drove through so much flooding. Seriously you guys - Saskatchewan is under water. Such a strange and alarming sight to see. The water was so high and close to the bridges were crossed. My heart and thoughts so out to all the people displaced and suffering because of these floods.

After several hours of driving, we arrived in Moose Jaw where we had booked a hotel for the night.

We haven't stayed in a hotel since our trip to Edmonton for my surgery 3 years ago so the kids don't really remember this excitement. And staying in a hotel when mommy doesn't have to go to the hospital is an extra special treat. The Days Inn that Terry booked us into had a pool with a waterslide as well. Oh boy! The kids really enjoyed that surprise.

I began work on The Crochet Crowd's Summer Stitchcation afghan challenge. I decided before we left that I would make this afghan out of natural sort of colours. Then while I was watching the scenery in Saskatchewan, I realized that these colours were the perfect Saskatchewan palette. So now I've got a ton of ideas as to where this afghan will go in terms of commemorating such an awesome holiday - all while using particularly "Saskatchewan" colours.

After spending the night in Moose Jaw we headed back out onto the road. It happened to be July 11th - Free Slurpee Day! I tried to convince the family to stop at every 7-Eleven on the way to Lethbridge to partake of the Free Slurpee tradition, but alas, no one was with me. We did get to have one in Swift Current though... so there's that.

Tomorrow I will get into the fun stuff we did on our holiday starting with our trip out to Fort McLeod (yes you read that correctly .... Fort Mcleod is a happening place after you've been away from Southern Alberta as long as I have).

PS: July 11th was also the anniversary of the day we moved into our wonderful little house. So happy 5 Year Houseiversary to us!

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