Friday, 4 July 2014

Team L-T's First Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Game

Did you know that when I was a teenager I worked at a ball diamond in Lethbridge, Alberta ? Yeah... super fun! I worked the season ticket holders entrance, which was a special entrance that the hardcore baseballers went through. Not as glamorous as you might think - it was also where the designated smoking area was. YUCK!

I used to love watching the games. Not because I really enjoy the sport of baseball, but because the atmosphere at a baseball diamond is so... I'm not sure I can name the particular feeling I get when watching a live game. Camaraderie mixed with exhilaration mixed with fresh air mixed with beer and hotdogs - that about sums it up.

We got some free tickets to go to a Winnipeg Goldeyes game from our neighbors and decided to go on Canada Day. I know what you're thinking - baseball doesn't exactly denote "Canadian" but it was really fun nonetheless.

Here are some highlights:

Outside Shaw Park. It was kind of a gloomy day to begin with, but we were fine in our sweaters.

Found our seats.

Goofy faces time.

Lane borrowed my head scarf to keep all those curls in place cuz boy was it windy!

Cute kids had a fun time exploring the row behind us since there was no one sitting there. They even got a free bag of chips from the teenager working at the diamond. Technically, she was throwing them out to anyone... but I like to think she aimed for these two rugrats because they were so enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Logan said his favourite part was when one of the Goldeyes hit a ball right out of the park. And then another time when one of the outfielders went running and dove to catch a ball. Pretty awesome.

Lane said her favourite part was the food (we had Subway sandwiches, mini donuts and free chips).

And by the end of the game, the sun had come out and shone on the victors who happened to be the Goldeyes! Yay!

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