Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Project Pikachu

Logan requested that I make him a sewn, stuffed Pikachu. He insisted that Pikachu needed to be as big as Lane's Stuart. I think he was going for a real size Pikachu - well... as real as a made-up character can be.

I thought and thought and thought about how I was going to make this thing.

There were no patterns for a stuffed Pikachu that I could find. So I was on my own with designing one for this project.

I used Logan's Pokemon Index book for a reference as to how Pikachu was structured and then got to work making a pattern. Doesn't that bottom pattern piece look strange? It actually worked! Although I admit I had to size it down quite a bit. Pikachu's face came out looking a little Jay Leno (big chin). Ooops!

You can see from this picture that the bottom might have been a little big for Pikachu's face if I hadn't corrected it.

He's looking OK here with the excess fabric folded underneath. Once I got the head and face done though, it was smooth sailing for making the pattern for the body. Phew!

I think I got Pikachu close to the cartoon. Stripes on the back, a lightening rod tail, cute red electric cheeks.

What do you think? This Pikachu took me just over 6 hours to make from start of making the pattern to finished product. And now I have a pattern to make another if I want - or more like if Logan's friends need one for their birthday presents. It should only take me about 2 hours to make now. Designing the pattern is always the most difficult and time consuming part of the process.

The great thing about Pikachu - other than he's about the size next to Logan of the cartoon character - is that his tail is stuffed so full that it acts as a balance.

Pikachu can stand on his own! :D :D :D

It's really too much. All day yesterday Pikachu was standing behind my computer desk staring at me. Too much fun posing this little guy everywhere in our house!