Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Iron Craft #15: Embellish

Hmmm... you may have noticed that I missed the last Iron Craft Challenge. Oooops! We were on holiday in Alberta and it was so awesome and rejuvenating (check out the previous posts for proof!). Doing a crafting challenge was the furthest thing from my mind during this time, although we did spend lots of time in nature, which was actually part of the challenge for that week. Oh well... there might be a make-up challenge at the end of the year and I'll definitely catch up then. :D

This week's challenge:
"For this challenge we want you to add a little something extra, a little bling, a ruffle or an iron-on patch. Basically, we want you to take something else and add an embellishment to it. This speaks out to clothing, but you can embellish anything, a dish from the dollar store, a thrifted painting, a roll of boring wrapping paper…" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

It just so happened that earlier in the week I discovered holes in both soles of my cheap knock off Crocs. Ack! So I went the next day and purchased more. I can't live without these stupid looking things. They are so comfortable and easy to wear while chasing after the kids, or walking the kids to school, or having BBQs out in the backyard or going to the beach, or just about anything that requires footwear aside from running.

I bought a new pair and lamented my lot in life that I love these silly shoes so much, but really hate the look. What a perfect thing to embellish!

Ta da! I simply took some pretty blue yarn and crocheted 5 petals. I sewed them together and then glued on some bling. I left some of the end yarns of the petals and used them to tie the flower onto the shoe through those convenient holes.

A much better look doncha think?

(A link to the Iron Craft Flickr group so that you can check out all the other embellishments the crafters have come up with).

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kat said...

Susi wears those all the time too maybe I'll have to make her some of your flowers.