Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Iron Craft #13 - Stars and Stripes

The challenge this week:

"This is a challenge we’ve had every year around this time, so I figured why break with tradition. Make something using either stars or stripes or both. Your project does not have to be 4th of July themed, but of course, that is welcome too." (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Since I'm Canadian I didn't really feel the need to go the American patriotic route, but I still love me some stars.


I see all the pretty quilts displayed at the Red River Exhibition a couple of weekends ago. I get all excited about improving my paper piecing skills. I work on a 6 point star block for 2 days. I get frustrated. I unpick my stitching several times. I curse out all of the sewing gods. Grey hairs spontaneously pop out of my head. I vow never to try paper piecing again. Then... it turns out kinda OK. I start getting excited again. Hmmmm.... I could make another right?!

Unfortunately, making another one was not in the cards for this challenge. But hey - I got one star out of all that frustration! woo! I'm calling that a win!

To see all the stars and stripes projects from the other Iron Crafters, please check out the Flickr Group.

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