Friday, 20 June 2014

Winnipeg Railway Museum

In an continuing effort to do fun things that don't cost a lot of money within driving distance on rainy days... er... yeah... we took the kids to the Winnipeg Railway Museum last weekend.

It was pouring, so we couldn't go to the Red River Ex. So we had to entertain the kids in a more low key kinda way.

We had a goodly amount of fun! :D

The Museum is located at the top of the VIA train station in Winnipeg. It looks like it's in an old terminal complete with old baggage elevator shafts and tons of leaks and cracks. There is a wall with a window cut out so that you can see the trains going by. The kids loved looking through there.

You were allowed to climb on most of the trains. Totally cool!  That's one thing we didn't like about the air museum - you weren't allowed to go up and check out the  planes :(

The kids loved playing train conductors.

I loved all of those vintage travel posters. This one was from 1928 I think.

Logan couldn't resist the buttons of course. Gotta press each and every one.

Here are my little dispatchers. I had to show the kids how to work the rotary phone attached to the desk that Lane is at in the above photo. They thought it very complicated and time consuming to phone someone that way! hahaha

I stared at this poster for a long time reading all the funny things on it. Then I noticed it was for sale at the gift shop as well. Might have to go back sometime and get it. I love it so much.

When you get to the top of the stairs to enter the museum you notice a huge model train set up in a big lighted room. Logan and Lane took their spots along the window and watched and watched the trains go by. There were comfortable seats set up for mom and dad to rest on while the kids got their fill of tiny model train sets. Although I have to admit, mommy and daddy had our noses pasted to the glass watching the trains for quite awhile as well.

The visit must have been a hit because the kids dug out their old Thomas The Train rail tracks and some dinosaurs and trees and paper to make their own second track, and boxes to make the terminal and trucks to use as inspection vehicles and Legos to make train crossing signs and ... oh my gosh - our whole rec room was covered in a miniature train town of the kids' own invention. :D

It was awesome!

I love going places that spark the kids' imaginations. We'll definitely add this one to our "stuff to do on rainy/wintry days" list.

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