Thursday, 12 June 2014

Throwback Thursday - My Writing From Grade 2

When Logan was born, my mom came to visit and brought a folder with her that she had kept in my hope chest. It was full of my writing and drawings from when I was in grade 2.

Logan is in grade 2 now and so I pulled it out to show him what his mommy was up to when she was 7 years old too.

What I found, however, is startling.

I spent a lot of time in the hospital around doctors and other kids who were experiencing things that no kid should have to experience - sickness, burns, marks of other violence. We were all at the hospital trying our hardest to be normal kids.

But when I look at the main themes of my writing it isn't all princesses and fluff like most little 7 year old girls. My writing was mostly about fear, violence, fire, loneliness.


Bad things were flying up to the sky? Okaaaaayyyyyy....

Fire! I do enjoy my drawing of the play structure at the park though. And this story does have a happy ending. In fact, all of my stories always ended happily (or at least happily enough...)

Yes... you read that right. The witch got stabbed and all lived happily ever after. Wow! And I didn't fail to notice that the dad was the hero of this story and almost every story I ever wrote. :D

Not quite sure if the dog or the girl was shot. Disturbing either way.

This last one makes me the most sad. I can't imagine Logan ever coming up with writing like this. He lives in a happy 7 year old world where kids don't get sick and nothing really terrible happens to anyone. I'm crossing my fingers and toes, praying, hoping and wishing that he stays there for a long time.

So yeah... I bet some child psychologist would love to decipher the meaning in these (and there are about 10 more that I didn't scan to share that are all laced with these same themes). I wonder if a skilled professional would have been able to guess what kind of adult I'd become from these samples from my 7 year old self?

I doubt it.

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Brenda said...

My goodness, Tawny.

I think in the last story, the dog was a girl. And it was the girl dog that got shot and then got well.

I like that all of your stories ended happily, as I hope your life has.